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August 28, 2022


02/03/2023 01:48 PM 


if i made you mad enough,
would you shout at me?
would you call me horrible things,
and pay attention to me?

if i could die a martyr,
even just barely fitting the job description,
maybe my funeral could be more than colloquial apologies.
maybe i could make the news.

and maybe i'd be remembered
as the kid who went too far,
rather than the kid
who never tried that hard.

but for now i'll have to settle for
a damp room and restless fists,
bruised thighs and aching teeth,
while i pretend to scream.

02/02/2023 04:50 PM 


ok so turns out theres sum alt ppl that suck so im comin on here to clarify.. ahem..
1. homophobia, transphobia, racism, terfs, prolifers, ableists, MAPs, neo nazis, xenophobia, (etc. u get the point) r ABSOLUTELY NOT WELCUM. idc if u say that u can be rightwing and alternative (not tru) cuz u suck.. (im lookin at u UniCosmicCometCorn...)
2. i dont really care if ppl who r older than me add me, jus as long as its within reason (like ur not like 50 lol)
3. ^^^ same goes 4 ppl younger than me
4. transmeds/truscums gtfo
5. uhm yea jus let ppl use the names, genders and pronouns they want (that includes xenogenders and neopronouns) and we'll be gud :P

12/01/2022 02:36 PM 


did you ask to take a roadtrip
down the pathways of my mind? 
i mean, sure, but,
they haven't been paved in quite some time.
so don't mind the potholes in my memories
that the government couldn't afford to fix,
or the blemishes of existential dread.

where my dreams turn to roadkill,
like the crows splattered on the asphalt,
leaving gifts of survivor's guilt 
and falling to masses of feathers, disgust and regrets. 

i'll let you slip beneath the tangle in my mind,
just don't stare too long at what's inside.

im shy.

11/06/2022 11:23 PM 

[poem] Chronic Chemical Burns.

I'm singing my fears to the window pane.
The ground is still marked by the rain.
And all the sky's bruises that won't ever fade
Are a constant reminder of your pain.

It's foaming, I'm scrubbing, and soaking it in,
Sodium hypochlorite alleviates sin.
A swelling of blisters, but it's only my skin.
They don't know how it burns deep within.

A gash in a canvas where no lines have been drawn.
The sun shatters and fades before dawn.
My thoughts have ceased and in the silence I'm blind.
I won't expect you to love me this time.

09/02/2022 04:22 PM 

[poem] Squeaky Clean

I like the water pressure high,
Mercilessly pounding against my back,
Marking my skin with loving lacerations.

Soon enough, it'll rip me open,
Exposing my vital organs for all to see.

Tear. Me. Apart.

Let the scalding water invade me
And drip down my ribcage.
Let my guts spill out
And make their way down the drain,
Good riddance.

Wash away the blood and the pain,
The aches and the brains.
Let the stains from the fluid
Wash away in the rain.
Clean me off.

Remove flesh from feeling,
Seperate body and soul.
Let me be free.
Rid me of what made me,

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