hopefully, you didn't hear that.

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November 1st, 2022

Gender: Male
Status: In a relationship
Age: 13
Country: Japan

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August 10, 2022


10/30/2022 12:29 PM 

Current mood:  blank

do you ever think about how it feels to die? 
the rhythm of your heart sliding to a stop
it's scary, yet comforting
maybe i'll try dying soon

08/15/2022 05:46 PM 


the gold has disappeared.
the knife is going to look for him.
i suggested not, but i don't think he listens very well.
i know exactly where they are headed.
the mountain.

... hopefully they don't die up there. i gave raiden my thickest jacket.

08/10/2022 11:52 PM 

mt. silver
Current mood:  distraught

i'm calling out, 
do you hear me? 
growl. roar. 
it's cold. 
someone come and save me. 

08/10/2022 11:34 PM 

Current mood:  vital

the silver coin smiled. 
the gold brick giggled. 
the sword snickered. 
the knife frowned. 


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