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ari ✮

Last Login:
January 18th, 2023

Gender: Female
Status: In a relationship
Age: 14
Country: United States

Signup Date:
August 05, 2022


08/06/2022 04:28 PM 

ur mother
Current mood:  numb

currently listening to How was your day by beabadoobee and questioning my life choices. january 1st. i started dating this guy who went by the name of ioury. he lived in california. we broke up exactly a month later because he told me he was embarrased of me. its weird, we were having a good day and a simple question can turn into a four day long breakup. he ghosted me for 4 days. i decided i didnt need to be treated that way and broke up with him. i never got a text back. hes been dating this girl named marley, shes so so pretty and theyve been together for 6 months now, its not like im stalking them. i just like checking in.

before me and ioury got together, i was friends with someone named ayman. we had been friends for four months and he went to my school, he started liking me and i blocked him on everything. around that time, i left my hometown to go to a city four hours away for personal reasons, so we had no contact. after me and ioury broke up i unblocked ayman and we started talking. i started liking him and he started liking me, i was back at my home town by then.

we started dating. i remember how nonchalant he was and how i dreaded it, i would bring it up a lot and he wouldnt be as dry for about 4 days and then went back to acting nonchalant. (SONG CHANGE, sorry by beabadoobee) we dated for 5 months. near the end of the relationship (last 3 months tbh) we had been arguing a lot due to the fact that i have multiple mental issues. when we broke up, i blocked him on everything. the last thing i said was bye. i didnt even let him say anything after that. we were arguing and i decided i was done. idk if im sorry? he sucked but ill never have that type of relationship again which is sad (the good part of it)

im now dating a guy named gavin. hes so so sweet. my brain thinks its a problem, or maybe a trick? im not used to this. im the problem fdsjfhnosjkfewucndsnfle

08/05/2022 11:13 PM 


Q1: full name?
  A: arial renae taylor
Q2: favorite food?
  A: spicy things or seafood, sushi is so good
Q3: favorite drink?
  A: arizona green tea
Q4: hometown?
  A: ur balls (fw tx)
Q5: team edward or jacob?
Q6: tattoo/piercing you want
  A: eyebrow and tounge or lip piercing, star on my wrist or hip bone
Q7: favorite mlp character
  A: PINKIE!!!!
Q8: what super power would you want and why
  A: mind reading because im a paranoid whore
Q9: what main 6 pony would u be?
  A: rainbow or twilight
Q10: favorite smell
  A: ur belly button jkjkjk coconut
Q11: favorite animal?
  A: cats or hjwih;o erw iopnhekih 
Q12: favorite thing in school
  A: theatre or art orrrr the library

08/05/2022 08:26 PM 

random ;p
Current mood:  talkative

ive never blogged like ever but my friend recommended that i start blogging because im very chatty!!! to be honest i never have anybody to rant to so im using this as a personal diary ;((( anywayzzz add me because im cool and i have great music taste and im an amazing friend \(^0^)/!!!!!

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