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06/29/2022 11:31 PM 


stamp collection!!! i add to this VERY frequently >:D

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homestuck x hetaliayoi again

06/27/2022 11:50 PM 

genshin impact infodump !! updated 6/28

I've been horribly fixated on Genshin Impact for the last few months, and I think it'd be a cool idea to keep a whole post regarding it! I want to keep up with all the characters I have and don't have, the characters I want, and the characters I'm building. I also want to keep track of my general plans, and how everything is going! hehe

Under the "Infodump" section, I'll basically journal there each day. I'll write little snippets, kepe them in chronological order, and also keep track of how much resin I burn each day!

Basic Info - Team Layout
NA Server - UID 614822798 - AR 49

Current Party
Diluc - LV 80 - Built as DPS
Kokomi - LV 80 - Built as Healer
Raiden Shogun - LV 70 - Built as Support
Xiao - LV 80 - Built as DPS
I'm currently in the process of building all four as we speak. Diluc and Kokomi are mostly finished, while Raiden and Xiao are a huge work in progress. I can't wait to finally get to AR 50 so I don't have to worry about ascending them anymore, I just need to focus on upgrading their talents and artifact farming for them.

Character List

This is every playable (and obtainable) character in Genshin, as of 2.7! Beside each characters name will be various comments from me, which I'll frequently update! These comments will include whether I have them or not, whether I plan to pull for them, if and how I'm building them, so on and so forth!

Amber - ✓ 
Arataki Itto - ✓ 
Barbara - ✓ 
Beidou - ✓ 
Bennett - ✓ 
Chongyun - ✓ 
Diluc - ✓
My Mipy. I don't care if he's the worst DPS, he's never leaving my team. I'm far too attached to him. 
Diona - ✓ 
Fischl - ✓ 
Gorou - ✓ 
Hu Tao
Jean - ✓ 
Kaedehara Kazuha -
I plan to pull on his rerun the next update!!! currently saving up my wishes :3c
Kaeya - ✓ Currently in the process of building this bastard. I desperately need a built cryo character on my team, and hes sadly going to be the one :rolling eyes:
Kamisato Ayaka - ✓ 
Kamisato Ayato -
I plan to pull for him once he gets a rerun! I sadly wasn't playing during his and Venti's banners, so I wasn't able to pull for either :( His play style is really cool, and he's a real cool character! Sitting and waiting for the day he gets more screen time :D
Keqing - ✓ 
Kujou Sara - ✓ 
Kuki Shinobu - ✓ 
Lisa - ✓ 
Mona - ✓ 
Ningguang - ✓ 
Noelle - ✓ 
Qiqi - ✓ 
Raiden Shogun - ✓ 
Razor - ✓ 
Rosaria - ✓ 
Sangonomiya Kokomi - ✓ 
Sayu - ✓ 
Sucrose - ✓ 
Tartaglia -
I WANT HIM SO BAD IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY. I've farmed all his materials and books, HE JUST NEEDS TO COME HOME!!! i've been waiting patiently for Childe to get ANOTHER rerun since March
Thoma - ✓ 
Xiangling - ✓ 
Xiao - ✓ 
Xingqiu - ✓ 
Xinyan - ✓ 
Yae Miko -
I want her so bad. Not because she's good, I just think she's hot
Yanfei - ✓ 
Yelan - ✓ 
Yun Jin - ✓ 

Zhongli - Also a big want, and I plan to pull on his rerun banner in 3.0! I LOVED his playstyle when I used his trial character during the Chasm quest, so I'm very confident in my want for him!!

Infodump Section
6/27 - 0/160 Resin Used

I've made it an eventual goal to build every single character I own, which is kinda tricky since... i own Every Four Star. But I love challenges! so thisll be fun >:D

I've also recently been grinding all the quests, and I want to try and finish all the story quests currently available. They're pretty quick and easy to do, and it makes me level up quick, so win! It also gives me the satisfaction of mentally marking things off a list, which is PERFECT for me.

But before I can do any of that, I need to finish building my main team first :/ I scrapped half of Diluc's artifacts a bit ago, and have been rebuilding him since. Farming the Crimson Witch domain is pain aaghhhh

ok enough infodumping for now!!! ill come back and update this specific blog when i have more things to share :D 

6/28 - 390/160 Resin Used
I haven't really been playing genshin much for the last week- for some odd reason- but now I'm getting back on the grind! I'm currently focusing on maxing out my Diluc before continuing on with any other character.

I'm doing both Stormterrors Lair and book farming, since I need to work on Diluc's talents! His normal attack and his burst are both LV. 7, but his ult is still at LV. 6. I'm hoping by today I'll have gotten it to LV. 8, since after doing Stormterror I'll have two Dvalin's Plumes to upgrade his talents. 

Once I get his ult talent to LV. 8, I'll grind the Crimson Witch domain. HIS ARTIFACTS SUCK RIGHT NOW!!! I'm stuck with 3p Gladiators and 2p Crimson Witch, not to mention his sands is def% >: /


Post Grinding
I successfully leveled up both his burst and ult to LV. 8!!! I burned ALOT more resin than I was anticipating, but thats also because Gummy and I did the Rifthound boss for Itto...

Now that I don't have to worry about his talents (for the time being) I CAN FOCUS ON STORY QUESTS AND HIS ARTIFACTS!!!! I may artifact farm for him tonight, but I'll think about it... I did get alot done, and spent around three hours with Gummy farming various domains and bosses, so I'm kinda tired ahahaha

(me listening to the same song on loop for the fourth day in a row)

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