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06/19/2022 06:54 PM 

back up and running
Current mood:  blissful

did yall miss me?

three days away from you all feels like too long!

I am alive, care to tell me all about your theories and speculations of all the events unfolding over the past few days? ♥

06/19/2022 06:50 PM 

Current mood:  scared



I think I died?! What happened??? I’m so confused right now. I feel different. I don’t think I should tell anyone, this is a little too weird. I feel more powerful too, and an insatiable hunger. 

Any advice? :0 - NERV

Also check out my new ig post!

  • ChetterChes - What kind of bullsh*t is this? People these days 
    • NERVousbreakdown - I used to think this too, but just wait till you get more in the iceberg!
  • DxFneverdie - Don't go sparkling in the sun now! If you do tho, send pics ♥
  • NERVfanpage - use those strong powers to destory me plz plz plz plz
    • NERVfanpage - *destroy
    • DrDoomwcat - yasss me too vampire queen ♥ ♥ ♥

06/19/2022 06:49 PM 

returning q&a
Current mood:  enthralled


Sorry for my hiatus guys! That last post took a lot out of me, and it had been a while since I had to remember it, but thank you all so much for your comments and concerns!

A lot of you were left with a lot of questions and comments so I thought I could answer and respond to some that were left in that previous post! - NERV


Anon asks - what happened to the girl? Did you ever see her again?

No, I haven’t seen her since the incident nor have I talked to her. But, I do still miss her and wish she had never done that. I won’t give out any names, because you bunch are batsh*t insane and will witch hunt her! I don’t need another scandal coming out about it!! >:)



YES! All is finally revealed! So many of you have fiended over where those came from ( a couple of you being a little TOO interested!) But yeah, I got some knife slashes to the stomach and face.



Mhm mhm, when it comes back, make sure you all celebrate it with me? ♥



hmm…. I don't know! Maybe it was adrenaline or something! Or maybe the pain in my neck was the cause, someone could have maybe put some crazy health drug in me…or something else?


[ This blog post is private ]

[ This blog post is private ]

06/16/2022 07:30 PM 

Current mood:  betrayed


Fading memories, a lost childhood. 

Do I even remember what kind of kid I was anymore?

My birthday was one day after valentines, I could have gotten a cute date to celebrate but I never even got that.

All I remember from that time is muddy images and faces, the only clear one being my brother and his comforting wiles. At least they helped me in the moment, even if it taught me to believe in falsehoods. 

They helped me so much that I do not even remember what he was lying to me about.

In those times, when I didn’t have skillfully weaved words to infect my ears, I would run to the streets. Their disgusting and grotesque smells would help block out the harsh world that I was living in, and those bright neon lights would blind me to reality.

Unfortunately, the one event I wish to forget never left my mind.

It replayed in my mind, day after day, wondering how I could have prevented it.

I didn’t even know the person I was fighting for, I think I was high off of something and felt invincible.

I don’t do drugs anymore, one person can only handle so much mind numbing.

I couldn’t leave her, she was so small that one punch from the attackers would take her out, a glittering gem that would shatter at the smallest tap.

Feeling like some sort of superhero I ran in, maybe I could be someone else for a change.


I got beaten up like no other. 


They had weapons, I only had my untrained fists.

Thrashed and slashed, it’s a surprise I didn’t die that night.

The rats of the alleyways that I had made friends with came to my aid, and the girl I had thought I saved ran, she didn’t even help me.

Then I realized who she was. She was my closest friend.

At least, I thought she was my friend.

I risked it all for her sake, there was so much blood that came from my stomach that it could fill a pool.

But she left me.

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