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Hana ♡

Last Login:
August 1st, 2022

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 19
Country: Canada

Signup Date:
May 20, 2022


08/01/2022 10:20 PM 

I'm so done with ppl
Current mood:  angry

Why do people think they can just push people around....are they waitin for me to be a ticking time bomb?
Everyone is a bit pushover while the others are unconsciously pushing em around ughhh what an awful cycle.
If i could I'd bash their skulls in...too bad I actually want to thrive in this crappy society but dammn it.
Fake ass personality, like you're not working in the public sector anymore. you can drop the mask now.
My family is even worse... my sister... two of a kind but the exact same.
I swear, let them ask me for help...find someone else to do your sh*t. ungrateful runts can suffer for all i care.
They love abusing and taking advantage of ppl without doing anything in return. Damnnn i really should've been an only child.


[ This blog post is private ]

06/10/2022 06:22 PM 

Running errands
Current mood:  bouncy

I went out in town...crazy day. I spent so much on Uber rides geez, i shoould consider getting a monthly bus pass.
Got a haircut and blowout, even bought a few mangas and books.
I also got to hangout with my bestie. Although i think mcdonald snacks got me sick like ewww. 
probably shouldve bought some takis can't go wrong with takis.
Even had the chance to try out the starbucks dragonfruit lemonade, I've been hearing so much about 10/10

05/29/2022 10:54 PM 

fettuccine alfredo with shrimps
Current mood:  selective

I went out with my friend and her family, friends. I even went to the wrong to the restaurent! bruhh i wanted to be there early, we had a dinner together, i laughed a lot...i think i smiled a lot that day.
although the food was so bland, i had to pour lots of black pepper and salt especially parmesan cheese.
I even had my photos taken... i looked cute af. Can't wait to go out this summer! 


05/28/2022 03:11 PM 

Fancy food 101
Current mood:  optimistic

This gyal just invited to a fancy european restaurant, i'm about to try me some caviar other desserts, i could only have in my dreams. thinking about all the raw seafood they have....makes my stomach turn in a good sort of way, i believe ha.

05/26/2022 06:25 PM 

summer nights
Current mood:  drained

The heat has gone ahead and made me sick. So many headaches... sometimes i can't help but think that summer is an aesthetic. Its pretty to witness but not to stay unchanged. Sweating isnt even that bad...but its warmth radiating in the air makes me utterly sick. Where are the windy nights when you need them?
If only i had gotten my driver's license, then i could've taken the car for a drive with the windows down. 

05/25/2022 03:58 PM 

Darkness is definitely taking over
Current mood:  ecstatic

Haha! but the odds, we get a blackout at my workplace....pfttt. got to leave early even get a free drink and donuts since they were getting rid of everything. i think i used all up my luck this year for this to happen. 

05/24/2022 07:50 PM 

Discovering enstars
Current mood:  enlightened

Found this new popularrhythm game...where the idols are alleged killers, bullies and all sorts maniacs.
weird thing is... they're all cute and handsome looking so i couldnt even believe it at first.
In all honesty, all they need is a therapy session and to be admitted in mental hospital.
I think UNDEAD and Eden might be my favourite units so far.
Looking forward to playing this game once its releases for global users late june :)

05/23/2022 02:40 PM 

i'm tired af
Current mood:  okay

Hey! hey!

I'll probably used this a digital diary for fun.
My days seem to have gotten a lot more hetic, i'm all for it.
I need the chaos to energize my life.

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