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12/27/2022 10:10 PM 

solution to new year's resolutions
Current mood:  exhausted

if you resolve to fail your new year's resolution on purpose, that's a good backup i think. for when you fail the one you really wanted to work out this time. 

this year i actually have concrete goals and ideas of how to achieve them, so now all i need for a resolution is just some resolve.

i'm supposed to actually literally be getting it together this year. i had a taste of being a functioning adult, and i'm going to be chasing that honeymoon high, so long as i actually manage to pull off this big comeback.

i have until this summer to finally do it.

04/23/2022 11:11 AM 

i've never been good at keeping journals
Current mood:  hopeful

i guess i've always been worried about whether i have anything important to say.

but i suppose that doesn't really matter, this entire site is just me doing whatever the hell i want. and people even seem to like it, though i know that doesn't really support the point i'm trying to make.

i think this might be a good way for me to practice articulating myself, as i feel that lately i've been struggling to find my words in daily conversation. i realised that i've become used to expressing only short, fleeting thoughts across social media or even private messaging, and my creative writing and even instrospection has suffered as a result.

i know some people who journal every day, and i probably won't go so far. i'm afraid that as soon as i make that commitment my resolve will crumble, and i've actually been on a really good productive streak so far.

i want to continue doing well, i want to keep going.

it's hard to keep up my motivation, but i find i'm invigorated by how kind and supportive even complete strangers have been so far.
but i need to work on being okay with just doing this for me. 


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