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09/01/2023 12:21 PM 


-- by sparky --

eyes are beautifull in many colors. 

eyes are blue 
eyes are brown
eyes are green
eyes are gray. 

but i dont like my eyes. 
my eyes are none of those pretty colors. 
my eyes fear those who look at them. 

my eyes are white. 
my eyes are black. 
my eyes are gone. 

i wish i could see what my pretty eyes would be. 

but my eyes are dark and ugly. 
my eyes are uncomfortalbe and intimidating. 
my eyes are terrfying and horrifying. 

my eyes. 
my eyes. 
my eyes. 

my eyes are gone. 

am i pretty now?


01/31/2023 12:02 PM 


- by sparky -
Trigger warning for implied sa

(highlight box to see tw)

its cold outside. 
the wind roars through the dark and empty sky. 
the only light is the lampost alone on a long quiet sidewalk. 
everything else is a pitch black, a void without the light. 

i'm alone. 
i'm scared. 
i'm cold.

i cant make myself move away from the lampost.

its my only safety i have. 

i cant see or hear anything else. 

i feel a gaze, like a hungry dog wating for food. 

i hear it growl. 

my heart stops. 
i hold my breath and cling onto the lampost like im going to drown. 
i cant even hear the growl over the sound of the ringing in my ear. 
i cling onto the lampost till my hands turn as white as the snow. 

i hear it speak. 

"..little sheep..little sheep.."

"is your wool warm enough in this cold..?"

i am frozen with fear. 
the coldness creeps up my spine. 
my legs are frozen to the sidewalk. 

i need to say something. 


i say, before i even think.

the dog stares at me, 

but it isnt looking at me. 
its drooling. 
and its hungry. 

"maybe, you could spare some warmth?" 

the dog asks. 


i say, still looking at the dog. 

the dog glares at me. 
not satisfied. 

"look at you, your warm and out in the open,
why'd you wear your coat if your not going to share?"
 it snaps at me. 

i dont say anything. 

i cant. 

the only sound bettween us is the howling wind.
it roars and rummbles from afar. 
the leaves in the trees screaming and running through the air. 

"be that way."
says the dog in a cold tone. 

i am still frozen stuck to the sidewalk. 
i cant pull my gaze away from the dog. 


it just..

walks off. 

deep into the knight
never to be seen again. 

this time, the cold seems more..soothing. 

it guides me home that night. 

making me think about what ifs.


12/22/2022 12:07 PM 



The kitchen is silent. 
The kitchen is quiet. 
The kitchen is empty,
The kitchen is in darkness. 

The sink is full. 
The sink is dirty.
The sink is rotting. 

It lets out a single 




The cupboard is hollow. 
The cupboard is broken. 
The cupboard is left open. 

letting out a loud groan of 




The fridge is cold. 
The fridge was old. 
The Fridge grew mold. 

It withhold all of its secrets to the very end.

The Knife let out a small




The body is full. 
The body is dirty.
The body is rotting. 

The body left out a small




The body is hollow. 
The body is broken. 
The body is left open. 

it stays silent. 

The body is cold. 
The body was old. 
The body grew mold. 

It withhold all of its lies to the very end.


12/02/2022 03:12 PM 

Red apples [POEM]

by sparky

Red apples are my favorite thing to taste.
Red apples are my favorite thing to smell. 
Red apples are my favorite thing to touch. 
Red apples are my favorite thing to see.

to taste,
to smell, 
to touch.
to see. 

red apples are my favorite.

red apples are so sweet, so wonderfull, so.. tasty. 
red apples smell so nice, oh so nice to smell. 
red apples are nice to touch, so smooth and perfect. 

red apples.. arent what i see. 

i see blood. 
i see guts.
i see bones.
i see brain. 

all of these things, are still my favorite 

to taste,
to smell, 
to touch.
to see. 

all of these things, matter to me. 
even if all i see, is blood, right infront of me 


11/17/2022 03:28 PM 

The midnight moon (short drabble)

The Midnight Moon 
By : sparky 

a deep dark slumber covers me like a soft silk sheet. 

My head clouds up as soft as the pillow underneath my heavy head.

A body, cold and heavy dipping and drowing into the deep depths of and ocean of sleep. 

My eyelids heavy, and droopy like the tired bags that hang below my eyes. 

i feel warmth, in the cold deep night. 

The moon. 

dispite not having my eyes open wide and with wonder,

i could still feel the softness of the moon. 

its soft luminous light reflecting off my icey cold skin. 

dispite hearing no sound, i could hear the moons soft song of lulibies. 

A song with no language to understand. 

a melody, even the deaf could hear. 

a dance, i could see- even with my eyes closed in darkness. 

The moon, 

was mesmerising. 

it made me forget time. 

forget existence, 

forget thoughts. 

Only the moons gentle song, 

was all i could recall. 

as i slept deep into the cold night, 

i would never want to leave the moon ever again. 


05/05/2022 03:41 PM 

My dear poem
Current mood:  artistic

My Dear Poem,
my dear, why do you sound sad?
my dear, why do you sound angry at the world?
my dear, cant you tell me please..

Why my dearest dear, can't you see me?
Why my dearest dear, can't you see-
my love for you, is upmost needed..

from the daily food, you almost never touch.
from the warm welcoming showers, you always seem to shut down.
from the bed, that you lay almost everyday- but never rest every night.
I don't understand, why you ignore these things- as much as my love..

 If I didn't love you, would you be happy again?
would you shine again, like the love i first saw?
would it be so wrong, and harsh..

for me to love you again?

04/12/2022 01:45 PM 


 look at my cute garden! :3 so ocute!! 

04/01/2022 11:40 PM 

First blog!!! >:3
Current mood:  animated

Hello everyone!!! 
this is my first blong and im happy to post here :3 i dunno what i should exacly make and post here but im happy to be here ya know? but anyway im here to say hi and make tons of friends!!  i hope ill have fun meeting you all!!

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