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January 24th, 2022

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 17
Country: United States

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January 13, 2022


01/21/2022 01:55 PM 

tea f***s SOOOOOO hard u guys
Current mood:  evil

ive been drniking tea again because its cold as f*** but i dont really like coffee n lemme tell u........ this sh*t is soooooo good. i have a butterscotch caramel blend rn (10 OUT OF 10) and i also have a black tea w vanilla that i really like??/ pro tip if u want to sweeten ur tea a bit add sugar, cinnamon, milk, and a tiny bit of vanilla extract ♥ i have some other blends besides those 2 but they r all fruity. not a winter vibe. theres one other vanilla chai but i dont like chai :(

01/14/2022 06:22 PM 

feeling sadge my fav necklace broke
Current mood:  angsty

why do people think Pete Davidson is hot I remember seeing fancam of him from a movie only to watch it and he was in like. The first 5 seconds. he looks like a ferret that just got fished out of the harbor but the harbor recently had an oil spill 

Also my favorite necklace broke :((( it was a rosary my freshman geometry teacher gave me not because I'm religious or anything but he was catholic and NEVER shut the f*** up about it. I didn't learn jack sh*t about math in that class but anyways he brought a bunch of rosarys to class that were blessed by his church bc kids would ask for them all the time and I got one. this was also literally the last day b4 covid got schools shut down the first time so if was my last time ever being in his class LOL

01/13/2022 11:25 PM 

DND more like DNI lmao

ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god ok so ive been trying to learn the basics of dnd for the last 2 days because i want to do a campaign w some friends but hoooly sh*t there is so much ughhhh like its not even like im getting overwhelmed its just annoying. wtf is a spell slot i just want to create a hot fish!!! f*** off!!!! n e ways. obsessed w blingee cat gifs rn. like look at this

cool right
i get so emotional when i see even slightly sad cat videos i start feelijng ill but then again alot of things make me feel ill lately LOL my body is f***ed up is SO many ways.

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