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January 16th, 2022

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December 09, 2021


01/12/2022 02:19 AM 


01/04/2022 08:15 PM 

Guitar Mission [Face 2]
Current mood:  adventurous

I've already got the money and the conviction to get a guitar.
now all you have to do is learn to play

01/03/2022 01:35 AM 


Nieve, nieve, en todas partes
Nieve, nieve, en todo lugar
Nieve, Nieve, en tu alma estara
Nieve, Nieve, a alguien matara
Nieve, Nieve, me mira en la deriba
Nieve, Nieve, ataca desde arriba
Nieve, Nieve, mi mente altera
Nieve, Nieve, el es aburrimiento ahora
Nieve, Nieve, que demonios mira?

01/02/2022 02:31 AM 

Guitar Mission

I'm going to try to get a guitar, mainly because they are starting to make me want to play the guitar like Mariano Martinez.

12/28/2021 11:12 PM 


litteraly nothing to say

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