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March 29th, 2023

Gender: Female
Status: Swinger
Age: 15
Country: United States

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October 01, 2021



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10/11/2022 09:56 PM 

A philosophical Customer Review

REVIEWER ONE: Hit life with reality!
Wise are the people who take lessons from Life by correcting them. Foolish people are those who only take lessons from their reality.  Always take lessons from Life by letting them hit you.  Do not take lessons from reality because reality must not learn from itself.  The reality must take lessons from Life, learning with life, and hitting life with society(Author's Note: Good Jopb reviewer! That made zero sense").  Reality insisted on only learning from itself so that's why society has become the Trash of God that we have and we see daily all over the world.  This resulted in the breakdown of formal educational ethical, informal (experimental) ethical and functional (pragmatic) social ethics, morals, political ethics, economics ethics and religious ethics.
(Author's Note: Hmph, didn't tell us about how you killled those evildoers"
REVIEWER TWO: How I Killed 'Em All!
Some learn and studie with everyone and then they say they learn from themselves and study alone (A.K.A saying they're self taught). Others learn and study with others and then say they learn from themselves and study alone (self-taught), hypocrites. They like to learn from each other instead of learning from Life. The evildoers, wicked, and blasphemers are strong (however, weak in the flesh).  So let's put them to the test.  They think they are made of iron.  So let's test if evildoers can stop bullets with the chest, forehead and abdomen.  Do not miss the chance (advantage) to kill. Kill God's Trash and all his horde (God's damn bunch).  Because if you allow the ungodly and wicked evildoer to flee, escape or survive, then in all probability the evildoers will sooner or later avenge the death of their evildoer friend.  Also, do not spare the lives of potentate malefactors, publicly-reviewed malefactors and graduate malefactors.  Exterminate (world democide) the band (wicked, perverse and ungodly evildoers) once and for all.  That's how I carried out the extermination plan by myself through the strategy of "With Plan, With Conception".  Never cling to a mode of operation (modus operandi) because you will be easily caught by competent detectives.  Believe me, I'm the spiritual detective (monster investigator of supernatural serial killers).  With intelligence, you can discover anything, person or movement that you need to know to execute the entire operation. That's why you shouldn't ask anything. Find out (survey) everything using your intelligence.  The biggest (worst) disadvantage is that you waste time, investment and space with a modus operandi.  When I witness any wrongdoing I slaughter all wrongdoers without any kind of mercy.  In many cases I've observed, strong malefactors died soon after being shot in the head.  I was in a car when I followed them until they met at a club, you already know which club I'm counting on.  I already knew they were there.  So I followed them, I waited in my car until they got out of the car.  I waited until the club was full, I went in and slaughtered everyone.  I waited for the club to be filled with the wicked evildoers.  The more the club filled, the more I waited.  I had already installed the C4, and with them, I installed them right at the entrance and exit of the club.  Afterwards, I got my guns in the trunk of the car, got them.  I walked normally to the entrance, went in shooting everyone.  I hit most evildoers, wicked and wicked in the head, neck and heart.  The wicked evildoers tried to flee through the exit, I let them escape, they fell right into my trap set with C4.  The explosion tore their bodies into a thousand pieces, like someone tore and shredded paper.  Poor things, they and they weren't made of iron, that's why they were left in pieces of flesh, bones and much, much more blood, it splashed far away, soiled the ceiling, puddled the floor, even splashed out of the club.  Their blood was running down the sidewalks, it was quite an explosion.  (LAUGHTER)  I killed those evildoers, their friends and those wicked women there.  Don't do as I do, as I said, don't stick to a modus operandi so as not to be easily captured by the competent detectives.  Use the "No Plan, No Conception" (All I got was "How to prepare for pregnancy bro) strategy for pure Intuition to deal with this situation which boils down to what your Intuition tells you, instinct to deal with this execution, situation, case.  The Trash of God died thinking (believing) that they were cutting bullets in the chest and stabbing in the neck.  I killed everyone to prove the opposite of what they thought (believed).  They died in Sin and their souls burn in the Circles of Hell, according to their works of the flesh.  Go with Satan and his demons carry you to the Fifth Circle of Hell."  I gained one more experience in massacring (democide).  We must gain more experience of massacre until we get very good at slaughtering more wicked capitalist, socialist and communist evildoers (Because it doesn't matter what class you're in, you're probably a wicked evildoer!).  We cannot stop gaining more experience in slaughtering wicked and ungodly evildoers.  Let us focus our paramilitary efforts on the worldwide massacre of all of them and them.

10/11/2022 08:52 PM 

How 2 kill (part 2)
Current mood:  animated

How to kill an armed malefactor suddenly threatening you with a blunt weapon

When an armed malefactor approaches you threatening you with a blunt weapon, then you will do the following strategic action: Avoid staring at them look away from their eyes. When they are done threatening you then he or shethey will turn away from you because they need to walk back to where they left the car parked. Take distance from them, then suddenly dash towards their back. Deliver a well-placed ground kick, below their center of gravity, well below the height of the hips, hitting right at their ankles. You should hit the exact timing where one of his or her feet touches the ground and the other comes up off the ground. Your well-placed ground kick has to hit only one foot placed on the ground while the other foot is up. The effect of this ground kick will knock them back to the ground, they will hit the back of the head (the occipital part of the head) The malefactor will suffer head trauma from hitting hard on asphalt, concrete or ground. The back of their head will be bleeding in the place of the hit. Meanwhile, run up to their neck and step against his or her throat (trachea). The stomp will cause a lot of bleeding from their trachea and esophagus. They will spew a lot of blood from the mouth. Whenthey are  drowning in their own blood you finish killing them so as not to let them die in such pain. Step with your heel, willing to kill a wrongdoer, into their windpipe, sink their windpipe until you feel their broken windpipe touch his or her cervical vertebrae. Okay, you've just killed yet another wicked wrongdoer.

10/01/2022 03:23 PM 

Teh official guide 2 murder!

 It is HEAVILY reccommended that u either
1. Change ur clothes after follwing this guide, or
2. Do this while naked n take a shower afterwards.
I would prefer 2 do 2 but ur more vulnerable while naked, soooo-. I also recommend wearing leather gloves either way, bcuz u dont want any handprints on their corpse, do u!

Uh-Oh! An impious, iniquitous or perverse evildoer stronger than you is threatening to kill you with violence! 

When an impious, iniquitous or perverse malefactor is stronger than you approaching and threatening, then you will do the following strategic attitude: Avoid staring at them, look away from their eyes. When they are done threatening you then they will turn away from you because they need to walk back to where they left their car. Take distance from them, suddenly run toward their back. The effect of inertia on your body mass accelerating (running) triples your weight and consequently affects the impact of your aerial kick against the middle of his or her back. This inertia effect serves to receive gravitational, potential and elastic inertial force for the collision (impact of the air kick delivered) to overcome the resistance to imbalance force. Deliver this well-placed aerial kick, above their center of gravity, well above back height, hitting between their shoulders. The aerial kick will knock him or her down as they fall face or forehead to the ground. Their face or forehead should bleed profusely. And taking advantage of the fact that he or she barely understood the fall and damage (injury) that happened to them. Then sprint towards their head and deliver a kick to their throat (trachea). The kick will cause a lot of bleeding from the esophagus and his or her broken trachea. He or she They will spew a lot of blood from the mouth. They are drowning in their own blood then you finish killing them so as not to let them live. Heel stomp right into their windpipe (Throat), sinking your foot in so that the crushed windpipe touches their cervical vertebrae. There, you've just killed another wicked malefactor..


12/22/2021 02:17 PM 

The Watermelon King (A story)

12/22/2021: A normal day on FriendProject, but xxdumbassscenekidxx enters the room with a watermelon. Ross and xxST3PHxx flock over to her, each grabbing a piece.
But right before they can take a bite...The watermelons are changing. xxdumbasscenekidxx realizes that the watermelons have become sentient! ZOMBIE !!!! takes cover under a chair, as every watermelon slice in the room fuses together to create one huge watermelon. Ibuki enters, confused as to why there are sentient watermelons and people running about

XxRawrRebelXx enters the ring, giving everyone light sabers. "YOU CAN"T DEFEAT ME!" screams the watermelon king, attacking ZOMBIE !!!! and Ross. Ross falls down and screams in pain. Why is it that the watermelon king's seed rifle shells hurt morer than real rifle shells". xxST3PHxx decides to play medic and does a procedure on Ross' arm, removing the seeds. If xxdumbasskid was to see it, she would've puked from trypophobia. After dodging the watermelon king's attacks for so long, Ibuki faints with a quiet "Bwah"

The watermelon king looks down and thinks "Bwah! I'm not doing enough." He splits up again and the little watermelons start attacking everyone 

(continue teh story in teh comments)

12/15/2021 04:58 PM 

Color quiz results

Your Existing Situation

Constantly moving forward in her life and career in order to gain a higher position and more recognition. Unhappy with current circumstances and needs to constantly make changes to herself in order to become a better person.

Your Stress Sources

"Not a team player and is unwilling to be involved in most activities. In the past she was over involved and now emotionally drained. Due to her fear of over involvement, she now chooses to remain uninvolved with the activities around her. "

Your Restrained Characteristics


"Self-centered, tends to take this personally and is easily offended, which leaves her feeling isolated."

"Although she feels isolated and alone, she is afraid of forming deep, meaningful relationships. Is conceited and is easily offended."


Your Desired Objective

"Feels as if she has been held back from many things, and that other things have always tried to dominate her. she now feels she has to make up for lost time by living an overly intense lifestyle."

Your Actual Problem

Is afraid she will be held back from obtaining the things she wants leading her to act out with a hectic intensity.

12/13/2021 09:03 PM 

check out mai fren's virtual pet

Ooooo...a virtual pet

12/08/2021 03:58 AM 

ears n eyes r bleeding
Current mood:  apathetic

teh fact that i live in teh matrix keeps meh up at night. Im my own lil bodyguard, looking over mai shoulder constantl2 see if agent smith iz there

10/26/2021 10:43 PM 

Join mai new group!!!!!!!!!!

Hai guyz!!!!! I just made a group 4 mai fave game, n it would reallty help if u joined n checked it out. U can simply go in2 groups, look at games, n type Changed in teh search bar. Im also making PicMixes 2 add 2 teh group page!!!!!! So far, I got Yuin n female dark latex finished but I also have an asthma attack wolf n a wolf king minion in progress. U can take a look at teh wiki if u want n check out some other transfurs

10/10/2021 01:13 PM 

Glaceon, dear Glaceon
Current mood:  chill

Ok guys, so do u wanna know why I have a Glaceon as mai Emotional Support Buddy.
It started in 2020, when I had 2 go 2 teh dentist, n I chose an Eevee 2 come with meh. Eevees r mai comfort pokemon, and mai mom also has Eevee as her comfort pokemon. I ♥  Eeveelutions 2, so I decided, after an incident at Culture Shock where HE stared at meh through teh car window, I remembered teh Eevee, n brought it with.
Y'know how Pokemon evolve? I decided 2 evolve mai Eevee. I could choose Leafeon, Sylveon, Jolteon, or Glaceon. I chose Glaceon as teh eeveelution. 
yep. That's basically it ._.


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