hii :P

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October 13th, 2021

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September 27, 2021


10/13/2021 09:39 PM 

ahhhasudauduuyqafuvqaeufv >x3
Current mood:  romantic

yall dont hate me but..... im dating michael now ^///^!!!!!!!!!! 

10/07/2021 01:41 PM 

weird guy
Current mood:  warm

sooo story time guys :P..... some weird guy from school emailed me on my school email- weird as hell- and he was like "u look like my daughter from tha future so... hey" and he emailed me during our chem class together but i didnt see it till a week or two later bcz i never check my school email...... or my email in general...... and so we emailed back and forth bcz i was sooo confuseeeedddd bruh... like GODDAMN!!!!!!!! ugh couple emails later he sends me a pic of him w "rate the drip???" and then a pic of his friend w a "rate his drip???".... and UGH!!!!!!!!! his friend is such a pick me boy........ but michael- the guy who emailed me first- has such a nice personality and ugh i enjoy talking 2 him sm..... idk what 2 do bruh!!!!!! :(((   

09/29/2021 02:05 PM 

Current mood:  restless

im so exhausted but i cant stop moving... i cant even pay attention my brain is all over ugh :(

09/28/2021 11:12 PM 

school is not cool >:(
Current mood:  distractable

i gotta write a whole ass essay bruh!!! i thought this sh*t was due to today?! IT IS NOT!!!! my mf teacher lied 2 me?????!!!!!!!!! i fr had to restart bcz i rushed it :< I STAYED UNTIL UNTIL 4 WRITING THIS SH*T N NOW I GOTTA RESTART!!!!!!!! im exhausted..... had 2 wake up at 5 2 get ready fo school........ i had such a good dream tho ^////^...!!! 

09/28/2021 11:01 PM 

Current mood:  dorky

do u guys ever liiiikkkkkkeeeeeeeee........ stare off into space n like..... think(???) ab things..... like.... brains r so weird........... y r brains like this.... like.....i could just.... fall outta bed... N DIE?! thats so lame... imagine showing up to ur next life n getting visions of u dying by falling outta bed...... thats so lame.... i would literally sob..... y r human bodies so weak!!! like bruh :1 I COULD LITERALLY DIE BY POOPIN TOO HARD!!!!!!!! ugh..... y did i hv 2 b human in this life :(

09/27/2021 12:09 PM 

whyyyyyyy??!?!?!?!??!?! >_<
Current mood:  weird

uuggghhh.. just woke up....... i want to die!!!!!!! so exhausted..... wanna go bk to sleep....... maybe later :P boutta conquer my day n ruin some1s life!!!!!!!???????!!!!??? at least theres no school 2day...... junior yr has been kickin my ass......... ugh :'/

sobbin, bawlin, sh*ttin my eyes out......

woke up to tonks wrapped around my face ^///^ lov my kitty sm

09/27/2021 10:25 PM 

Current mood:  apathetic

im so TIRED!!!!!!!! of EVERY SINGLE THING!!!!!!!!!!! ugh :( gonna go fall in luv w a druggy so they can gaslight me n stop me from feeling any negative emotions 


been listening to this song sm..... i just want it 2 b halloween ugh.....

09/27/2021 01:40 AM 

ugh :/
Current mood:  exhausted

y r mfs so weiirrrddd!!!! u should b obsessing over me n sending me sh*t off my amazon wishlist not sending ur friends to tell me im gonna destroy ur heart?! weirdo........ this is y i date emotionally unavailable druggies </3


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