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January 22nd, 2023

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September 01, 2021



01/22/2004 01:21 AM 

Katy Perry slaps and I'm tired of pretending she doesn’t
Current mood:  blah

Katy perry was my childhood idol dude I LOVE her music so much, especially last Friday night like that song is so so so soooooo good..which is kind of weird since I'm mostly listening to rock/metal/hyperpop right now. oh well, Old habits die hard I suppose! I don't know why so many people decide to hate on popular artists for the simple fact they are popular, like seriously..who cares?! They have great music and it's not like your staring at a picture of their face or watching an interview...your listening to their music! Unless you just dont like it which I completely understand that. 
overall Katty perry, Taylor Swift,, Ke$ha, Britney spears, and cascada have me in a chokehold.

Really I was just listening to 2000s-2010s hits then remembered this site and had to rant for nostalgia...lmao.

01/20/2004 01:42 PM 

Current mood:  anxious

I am in fact, incredibly late on this. I know. Im currently in a class and remembered this site and how i never said happy new NEW YEAR!!! 
I hope everyones having a good time and the years treating you well, it's been a relatively crappy start for me with grades and family life but its getting there.
If anyone sees this leave ur new years resolutions down please! mine are as follows:
-Get enough money to afford a switch OLED and a couple games
-get my grades up, like actually.
-learn how to shade a lil better (i do digital art.)
Thats all i wanted to say, have a good day/night everyone! 

11/17/2003 11:41 PM 

Lifes going well
Current mood:  accomplished

Im hitting it off with a guy and have lots of friends, im relatively popular too and have alright grades...only thing im kinda worried about is my at home life, its not the greatest. Looking forward to chritmas and next year tho.

11/16/2003 01:15 PM 

something ill send to the creator of the site
Current mood:  impatient

Im gonna send an email to the creator, a curious little blog site of a 20 something year old guy i found a few weeks back, his names Nick and the last time it was updated was in 2000 so.....hes either dead or much much older now. Welp, here goes.

His email address: [email protected]
The actual email im sending:

No idea if this will ever reach you at all, or If you still use this email address, but i've been wondering if you'll ever update the site, i've had a couple laughs and interesting thoughts.

Well maybe I should start from the beginning, i was bored in school once and started typing random things into the URL bar, which ultimately led me to your site. It's been a long time, over 20 years, but do you still think about it? I'm not very tech savvy, especially when it comes to sites but do you have to pay for the domain? to this day?

I guess what I mostly want to say with this is if you're still alive, I'm just some 14 year old kid on the internet and you're in your late 30s or early 40s.

I hope I'm not a bother.
Thats pretty much it.
By the way if you visit the site click the minus sign, the plus rign takes you to a site when you cant click anything, not sure whats up with it.

10/06/2003 09:49 AM 

eeee i ahte computer science,...

I absolutely despise this class..the teacher has this kinda lazy, "oh, you said something?" attitude i just HATE her so much, the assignments are so broing too like damn this is COMPUTER SCIENCE, i like computers and ilike science yet they just dont go together...ugh.devil

09/30/2003 09:43 AM 

random post lol
Current mood:  calm

started a new school year like three weeks ago, everything is going fine..its not the greatest but its alright, i made a couple friends and my classes are pretty good. i have like 177777716478659824768327974 crushes  LMAO amazing ikr.....hmmm idk just wanted to make a post, have a good day!

09/15/2003 09:50 AM 

brand new start!111!!!!!!111111!!1!11
Current mood:  nervous

started a new year at school last week, forgot to update lol srry :p...
but anyways the school isnt that bad, its wasn't my first choice but its a pretty good school so im still happy.
i made a couple friends that arent even in my classes and already have a crush helppp can ppl who see this posts leave tips for new schools im a little nervous and still have no idea what to do with my life BJHVHGK

08/07/2003 01:54 PM 

Current mood:  calm

I just love jewels

05/25/2003 08:23 PM 

My dream last night ig lmao
Current mood:  imaginative

5/24/22 : Giant Mansion
This was last night and I already completed my entire day and almost forgot about this dream so my memory might be hazy um but in this dream I had I was in a giant mansion, I assume my parents had bought it since irl were trying to move to a new place. Anyway, the mansions appeared way smaller inside than outside, and I couldn't get out of this one floor I think, It also just looked like a huge apartment complex more than a mansion lol, but when I poked my head out the window or something it was hugeee it gave me the same feeling as that picture from the backrooms (ngl now I think back, this entire thing felt like the backrooms.)
It was made of brick with white decor and the rooms seemed old an abandoned, nothing seemed fancy but normal like those cheap crappy apartments in NY. For some reason I was trying to organize my room? With others people's things from their rooms. Yeah, there were other people, I think my mom and dad? And brother.. ? They werent my real family though I think i made them up. But that's it really I just went around a bunch of the small cheap rooms and got crappy furniture to put in my room. 
Also a small side note lol: Yk that weird F74 trend going on Tik Too rn? Yeah I wanted to do it but decided not to the night before I had this dream, so I guess i went to sleep with the thought of hallways and rooms and my mind cooked this up lmao xD

04/27/2003 12:20 PM 

Current mood:  lonely

dont u just love it when ur 3 friend group splits and ur the one to have to go somewhere else while ur friend talks to they're other  friend who they like more than you, cuz yeah thats me rn.


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