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07/21/2021 12:58 PM 

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Please check out Smiley Face Annoiance's new song, Your Eternal Mistake

07/21/2021 01:02 PM 

Behind the lyrics!!!

"Your Eternal Mistake" I wrote about my ex bf, John Salinas, or "John Eternal" as he likes to be called! He claims he has a death metal band but his "band" doesn't have YouTube content so here you go, something on YouTube about you! He won't like it cause everything I wrote was true and he wants people to believe his lies but that's not how this works! I'm a musician and I write how I feel and don't care who I expose! He left me when he found someone who would pay him more and buy him more stuff in turn not taking care of her own needs and appearance! He can't have an actually pretty girlfriend because pretty costs at least enough for makeup and I get some of my makeup at the dollar store at times so it's not expecting much to look a little nicer! On another note, don't mess someone over to a point they become over emotional and need psychiatric help and then make fun of them! John is the actual human scum!

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