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06/10/2021 08:26 PM 

Current mood:  crying

ok so i started watching bojack like a week ago and ELLEVEN EPISODES IN AND I STARTED BUSTING OUT CRYING
i cant lol i think it might be bc i relate to bojack sm, i've told a lot of my friends (1 person) but they seemed unintrested lolol^^. back on topic, i just started the second season and so far its a lot more light harted then the first season!! the first season was supper hard hitting  i think it might be the way bojack makes out to be such a popular star and being "well off" but we all know that he is f**ked up!! and how he picks up really bad habits when he gets upset and also how he pushes people away bc he is scared.. like dude T-T wtf. and the way he is hoping that he can be a better person but no matter how hard he tries he is still an a**hole (like everyone says he is) and his reletionships with different people is very intresting. anyways i really like the show bu its a lot to commit to (ironic bc bojack hates commitment)  
also idk if i can really call this blogging but i'd like to have this space to be able to rate shows and write about the journey they take me lol^^ once i end the show i'll rate it 0 to 5!! i hape someone enjoys this and reads this as distaction from hard ships lolol^^ byebye 

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