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06/29/2021 05:59 PM 

On a great movie
Current mood:  inspired

I just watched a clip from The Nightmare Before Christmas and I forgot just how much I love that movie  The backgrounds, the character designs, the songs, everything about it is so great! And of course, it has everyone's favourite emo icon, Jack Skellington  As for the debate of whether it's a Halloween or Christmas movie... I can't really pick a side! My family has watched it on both Halloween and Christmas :P

06/27/2021 11:43 PM 

It's been a while, hasn't it?
Current mood:  chill

Hey guys! It sure has been a while since I've posted here :P haven't been busy or anything... I guess I just haven't  Anyways! Over the weekend I got a MAU5HEAD!!  It's homemade but it's really well made, trust me. It's just the classic red one, but the eyes LIGHT UP! I think that's pretty awesome. I might post a pic! Also, we're gonna be moving in just two months! My new room will be 20 times more emo than my current room lol. Going for a super dark look. So that's about it! Not too many of my friends on here are active unfortunately, so there's not much to do :( but I might post some more.

05/22/2021 08:04 PM 

It's happening!!
Current mood:  cheerful

We've sold our house!! :D We're officially moving to a new city! I've been waiting for this for SO LONG  Hopefully I can be more of myself at my new school... kids around here suck >:( It's been really quiet on here, I wish more people would update their status :/ so if you're reading this... if you are emo, scene or both, ADD ME!!!

04/27/2021 05:45 PM 

Current mood:  bored

I need some more friends on here!! Send a request my way if you're emo or scene (or BOTH!) :D

04/25/2021 11:10 PM 

When I move
Current mood:  hopeful

I cannot WAIT to move!! I am going to be SO EMO in my new town lol. They will know two separate time periods: before the emo kid moved there and after the emo kid moved there XD I hope my new neighbours like MCR because you better believe I'll be blasting it >:D

Aaaaaanyways yeah. I'm anticipating it so much bcuz there's nothing else in my life to anticipate! My schedule's pretty empty at the moment :P 

04/21/2021 08:11 PM 

What if...
Current mood:  thoughtful

So I was thinking... Jhonen Vasquez made a whole bunch of comics, then IZ (an animated show), and then more comics. What if he were to make another animated series, but really harness his edgy style, and make it more dark and mature?? And not make the humans short with tiny heads, but rather with longer limbs... like Tim Burton! One can only dream 

04/17/2021 11:56 PM 

Feeling nostalgic :(
Current mood:  nostalgic

As the title suggests I'm feeling very nostalgic for my early childhood right now  I remember being in my grandma's basement playing the Disney Plug n Play games on her old TV. Those were the times :P sometimes it pains me knowing I can never go back tho D: 

04/17/2021 06:49 PM 

There goes my break
Current mood:  aggravated

We got a week off from school and guess what?? The whole entire week we were renovating the inside of our house! :/ So that meant I wasn't able to do basically ANYTHING in my own house except move stuff when my parents asked, and sit in the basement. (I mean I watched some TV, but still) And I'm starting math when I get back to school, which will probably bring down my final grade because I struggle with it DX

What a fulfilling break. 

04/15/2021 12:21 PM 

Short update
Current mood:  sleepy

I haven't updated in a while cuz we've been REALLY busy moving stuff out of our house to paint. :P Anyways, during the cleaning we found our old Harman-Kardon radio, which we used to plug our iPod into! Crazy right?  Anyways, I'm really tired so I'm gonna go to bed now. 

04/12/2021 10:01 PM 

Blast from the past
Current mood:  enlightened

Today me and my mom sorted through our old stuff in our garage and wow! It was back to the 90s for sure!  Although I wasn't very... alive back then XD


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