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May 23rd, 2021

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 115
Country: Qatar

Signup Date:
April 01, 2021


04/01/2021 04:12 PM 

Current mood:  cheerful

Hello, everyone! I'm new here! (Yes, I did come from that one TikTok shh) Well, not sure what I'm supposed to say here, but I hope we can be friends! :) Btw, my name isn't actually Alette. :P Don't want  my friends finding me here as my name is not that common. (I'm not trying to be qUiRkY like, seriously you will most likely have not heard it before). I am into cottagecore, reading, cooking and animals! I obsess over soon to be hobbies to the point I'd research about it,,, but never attempt at it?? Anyways, have a good day and stay safe!! ♥3  

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