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Last Login:
July 21st, 2021

Gender: Female
Status: In a relationship
Age: 14
Country: United States

Signup Date:
March 12, 2021



07/21/2021 09:44 PM 

f*** mich

nvm hes not gonna date me. imma get a better bf bye

07/17/2021 02:49 PM 

Current mood:  confident

sooooo um... its been a while and basically uuhhh he broke up with me!!... but hes gonna get back with me i know it!

04/12/2021 12:56 PM 

im a loser
Current mood:  blank

stating my emotions or ranting just drains me out now, and makes me just remember the bad things. i shouldn't bother. 

04/12/2021 12:51 PM 

what! :(
Current mood:  lazy

sometimes, i just wanna be a cat. 

04/07/2021 06:23 PM 

Current mood:  drained

my mood and opinions on things change so much. i think i sometimes try to purposely change my views on things to seem more edgy. idk if taking 5 pills in one go is too much but i did it cuz im cool. im also kinda desperate to stop my mood swings and dont wanna rely on manifestation for everything. its also so hard to stay focused on things and get bored so easily now. i feel so tired out and just wanna sleep all day. i also wanna go out and do sh*t but its my fault for being unmotivated. i wanna take a nap.

04/06/2021 12:02 PM 

Current mood:  embarrassed

AAAAAAAAAAAAYUVKGYUGVKJFRDECYUK i keep geeting hot when i think of yesterday omfg omfg omfg MICH IS SO FUKIN CUUUTTTEEE his hands were so big and hot and pretytyty he looked so cute with my bunny hat on. ALSO when we held hands he rubbed my thumb IT WAS SO CUTE and when we went on the roller coasterrr he was tired and he would put his arm around me and rest his head on my shoulder T_T THIS MIGHT SOUND WWEIRD BUT I MISS TOUCHING HIM SO MUCH IDK

04/01/2021 03:42 PM 

Current mood:  angry

stop making him laugh. shut up. actually sorry that was mean

04/01/2021 01:56 PM 

Current mood:  crazy

im so happy i got to play minecraft with mich. im so dumb i literally just had to ask. i was so happy while playing with him though its all i wanted and i felt like crying i was so happy. but now my dad took my phone. and now im crying. i miss him so much. i dont get why this all has to happen at the worst fcuking times. we might not even be able to go to the carnival either. but i shouldnt be pessimisstic about it. maybe ill meditate tomorrow and get my happiness back up. i cant manifest without being happy! my emotions changed so much throughout this paragraph lolz. im rlly happy mich isnt annoyed of me tho its rlly nice seeing him happy. although i cant help but wonder why he was crying earlier. also i hate that i keep remembering how much homework i have to do T_T if my mom find out i have all these missing assignments ill be DEAD!!

03/31/2021 11:42 PM 

Current mood:  calm

im making a cute world like how axel and alyssa did to feel better :) im talking to cloud rn and feel happy! i hope mich is okay

03/31/2021 11:26 PM 

im stupid
Current mood:  stressed

seeing alyssa and axel playing minecraft together the whole day makes me sort of jealous actually :(( i wish i could do that with mich but hes in a bad mood rn and hasnt been wanting to play minecraft lately so i just dont bother asking him. playing with him would make me really really happy tho. im so stupid its not that hard to ask. im just so scared of him getting annoyed of me.


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