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05/22/2023 09:55 PM 

daniel's monthly

hiatus over btw lol

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05/01/2023 01:27 PM 

daniel's monthly (late)

haven't written a monthly in a while because of some extenuating circumstances. sorry about that. i want my future self to understand that im taking a few-month long break to heal from some things that have happened recently. 

01/17/2023 10:45 PM 

Current mood:  angsty

i have a clown theme on my blog bcuz im a joke

01/17/2023 10:40 PM 

Current mood:  jubilant


12/19/2022 09:37 PM 

daniel's monthly.. obsession?


12/09/2022 01:54 PM 

daniel's monthly
Current mood:  artistic

i accidentally evaded a november's monthly post so please excuse this placeholder but 2023 will be a year where i write my monthlies ON TIME!!! and i know nobody's reading this so like literally it doesn't matter but it matters 2 me

10/31/2022 12:58 PM 

daniel's monthjly
Current mood:  dorky

okay major cringe today also sorry for late monthly ive been like busy and also extremely forgetful!! so sorry about that. oct 1st was my birthday so that was really fun. i went blonde and umm this month has been very emotionally taxing but yanno i get thru it BAHAHAHA anywyas uymmm sorry for the short monthly im just idk i dont have much to talk about lmaooooo this is really cringe 

uhh OH yeah i started watching the walking dead and oh my god. daryl is such a swoon i love that angry little man so much lmao AND RICK WOW AND MICCHONE i love all of the characters THIS IS SO MESSY okay i dont feel like writing anymore so yeah thats my monthly. ill post some pictures later of my halloween costume. 

- dannytnnynynnyny

09/06/2022 10:59 PM 

daniel's monthly
Current mood:  quiet

the current song: https://youtu.be/4iTTLBw7Q_g
( the other side by love city ) 

hi everyone! i'm a bit late to my monthly, but i wanted to get this september update post in regardless. hello! hi! salut!
recently, i've been floating in a place between okay and not, and fluctuating through and through my motions has been something that is tormentiing to go through, mentally. it's like having the feeling of sneezing held up inside of you for days and days. journaling and talking about my feelings has really helped my mental issues and suicidal thoughts. school has gotten no better, however, and i feel myself slipping underneath the cracks of school and homework. i recently acquired a new sketchbook and.. my art has been going well for the most part. not much has changed since august but im really damn excited for fall because of the weather and colors of the trees haha.

im sick of being used as someone's therapist or diary. i dont want to be texted about your problems or mental health or your sh*t relationships with your parents. there is little room left in my heart for outside sympathy. im simply trying to love and put myself first. but, i think with a little time i can see myself returning back to the happiness i feel like i can have. it's in my nature to want to help others. i want to be able to safely return to that and be able to be someone other's can rely on.

anyways.. yeah that's my monthly. i don't fancy writing long posts so take this for september! i actually plan on flling in the "daniel's monthly" space with pictures of my art, my endevours/adventures and the world around me. im excited on for what's to come! 

- daniel 


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