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02/13/2021 04:26 PM 

donald john trump is GUILTY 57 to 43

02/13/2021 01:10 PM 

Jack Dorsey is Selfish

[email protected] jack maybe sent an email dont be selfish with twitter
he's being selfish with twitter anad jack dorsey is a twit of twitter foolish dorsey.

02/05/2021 12:52 PM 


I created the Pinkdye Pigs warriors Bamerangers Bats Rockin Rats, Cowabunga Cows The Thunder Taurus's are the BUlls the TRench tortoises the Dojo Dogs the Funky Frogs Seismic Salamanders Samurai Bunnies inspiried by ninja tutrles and street harks elastic eels electric emus Godly gnus Astonishing Ants the BallisticBees bees. The Flunky Flys...amaggedon dinosaurs ninjas beings.

These are all my creations also Dogman and Grasshopperman Beeman FLyman Ratman Roachman Emuman Eelman comics. Catman VI without make up and doesnt isn't a theif isn't. Catman Dog womancomic book hero.

02/04/2021 12:13 PM 

Fire the very old grand old party its extremely old.

there is no new gop one very extremely grand old party FIRE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

02/03/2021 11:44 PM 

Anthony Domuvick

by Anthony Domuvick Homan Pig Pinkdye warriors....Battlefield Bats Thunder Taurus's are the Bullsthing Clever Cows Range Rats all by Anthony Domuvick Homan Electric Emus Elastic Eels Godly Gnus Astonishing Ants Bamerang Bees all by Anthony Domuvick Homan also Seismic Salamnderd Dojo Dogs Funky Frogs Thunder Taurs's did illustrations for. 

by Anthony Domuvick Homan Pig Pinkdye warriors....Battlefield Bats Thunder Taurus's are the Bullsthing Clever Cows Range Rats all by Anthony Domuvick Homan Electric Emus Elastic Eels Godly Gnus Astonishing Ants Bamerang Bees all by Anthony Domuvick Homan

02/03/2021 01:40 PM 

Youtube band credited other musicians was it 2008

one time i did a youtube band was it 2008 I gave each member credit i cant find it on youtube I DID A YOUTUBE BAND had musico n myspace for 5 years diud CDS still have a few i thought they were thrown away andMagix music maker engineering.

02/01/2021 11:18 PM 

Dominic Anthony Homan Zemvoria Second Realm

My realms should be everlasting  ZEMVORIA this is the text size i want so 2020 or 2021 if covid continues can you publish it i signed the purity publications book below do i have to sign again when do you think you'll be open to accept electronic submissions. book lower scroll please.


Darklord Carly Zanase
was taking about Farrly Fiorina. Dark lord Muzgruene
of the South Effvol of the East and Dortmunnel of the West.

The kids went to Zemvolch and Quich to study colored dragons of all colors beyond the colorwheel well the teal dragons were the worst.
King of Zemvoria was also his other self in parrarel time was King of Quintaria though he sought the Lord. Christ oh Christ what should I do go to battle on the horse The Magicans Niece she was something else. The WoodFrog Knight, the Pebbletoad Warrior-Knight
was seen what new rules what war, the democrats are turning out to be demoncrats by accusing falsely accusting russia. Wait said Zanase how do you know of This Chosen one in the other books he was known as the young warrior.
Do you have any proof that another country paid bountys they both disliked islam.

Insane suicide lust and murderers not heard about much in 2020 year. Muslims losing faith and religion

The Wraith Faith and also Wraith vs Purple Elven Faith.

Faith isnt a wraith it's not haunting like a wraith depression could be anger or sadness. Anger is anger Angels shouldn't have anger.

All lives till Black Lives matter you do NOD and New days we should look to I hope if I dont get married I have 3 more females to love me throughtout years and differentyears in my life not too far apart.

Zanase give me the Fiorina Diamond Chosen one no it's mine and you have to part your ways and love the light more than the nighttime world.

Zemvoria Redwolves, Bluewolves The Blue wolves what shade what tone what color of blue though they been trying to start stuff with The Motherland and The Fatherland they did too and now the homeland the Redwolves are trying to their leader Donald Swamp.

The Rat was said are you christian. Rat smiled nodded with a yes.
The Emu emperor moderating universe, gene, Samurai tommy tickler.
Ram Singer Flinga said to the star fly landed on the Rams lips he noded a yes too.

The Gnu Mark Makonorton
Mark Mako for short. The
Silver Fox, The Bald Ankh no she this warrior-knight doesnt have cancer she's doing it for a cause for st judith. Judey rudey rhyming for this cause it was originally a poem Zemvoria is the Second realm.
The Warrior said what about Quintaria or was that a dream

too oh wow it was the Aquanaught The Aquahopperman....The Cheetah cat looking like canine k9.

They all sang praises they all said praises to the lord the Warriors, the animals of the lord smiled and nodded.

The Owl was seen and merged with Ankh warrior to become a knight named Ankh Owlarrior. Wlarrior.!

Dang right the fantasy came to life oh Violet Dwarves and Violet Elvs Violet Dagons were all allies vs the teal dragons and teal elfs and teal dwarves there was no racism none nope though they didnt get along much they atleast tried. Teal ones got too greedy. The Greediest the teal dwarves the green and yellow

dwarves were cool so were the purple clan and the pink clan they were strong too.

The Beaver and the Oregonta Warrior-knight was seen they together laughed and took out the demons and no demon for president not if we have anything to say about it not just a vote though a voice.

And if someone asks say demons wheres the Angels.

LightAngel Miranda, Meredith, Jeffrey Aquafeather was seen.

The Base Clan, the Red, Blue clan the pearl clan the pitch black clan dark as night as if there was no stars. Round and Round what comes around goes around in Zemvoria.
Quintaria too if you dare then you pay the price cold or not you will be watched you will due the time. Dreaming again Warrior-knight yes I was.

PIKAs are like purple rabbits not mouses nope PIKAVORIA was their kingdom in Zemvoria.

Mark Mako the GNU was smooching the EMU Emperor of what he thought he had the whole world wide world he wants it again 17 more times, its just a delusion.

Internationally when they stop their road it will be they were just delusional or their dream. Globally space is a farce. Cats and Dogs are worth equal to me.

The Ones

the Badgers lost their badges of worth of status
their fault too bads said Hollume who was a realm activator.
This creature heard voices in his head the One Shield too many smiles too many questions made him bit crazy a bit mental shall we say.

Hollume went round and round with the bandits with the small hawks I hope.
The Dogs there was three varations and Three Kulicka brothers Kulicko was their castle.

The deranged one wasnt carly and she saw the light.
Hollume liked Marlins to ride on near his swamp and he told donald swamp to back off, Marlin swordfish caught him Halibut....
Yum Fresh Halibut no spices just the hali tasty halibut!

Zemvoria had a last battle had a last war not in Zemvoria they took it near the outer east boarder with pirate ships.
Though Pirates were fleeing from the Englanders Fleet their admirals weren't admired they just were the bosses said Hollume.

Right on said the Rat he was christian after all The Parrot, Monkey of Pirate
Piradavido had bravdo.
Brave he was ready oh this is for Christ and the war was waged. It was monetary as the pirates and englanders had money treasure.

The treasure was won and brought to Zemvoria where the Warrior who came of age around 37 gave it to the citizens and oh their were creatures that talked in Quintaria and Quich was a school to learn about all the life beings Zelmvolch too they all graduated. Jaspero was the talking WildDog.
He had adventures a lot.


01/27/2021 12:08 PM 

Anthony D here

D anthony here anthonyD im here for friends possibly a girlfriend 

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