Dominic Anthony

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November 23rd, 2023

Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 40
Country: United States

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January 27, 2021


10/16/2021 11:03 PM 

The Future or death cannot be changed though can deadstars use fiber optics to communicate,and

The Future or death cannot be changed though can deadstars use fiber optics to communicate,and morph.
Wish my all my pets were walking distance a very short walking distance.

09/04/2021 10:23 PM 

Friends to all my Friends

I just want to say we're FP Friends for sure. How are yalls?

09/02/2021 12:32 PM      Domikenic is Dominic Homan 22 scores 2 flats second flat website application six scores.

08/25/2021 10:06 PM 

Nirvana sued the man who was a baby is a gold digger

the baby in the pool how was it in the pool anyway though it wasn't exploitation it was just a photo of a baby Nirvana is innocent @ApproachNirvana it wasn't sexual @nirvana it wasnt sexual nope was not! the baby was in a swimming pool with arm floats.??? or was it cgi? scientists start making synthetic gold where are dollar coins 21 thr 41 46  I'd like to gte rid of 46, 45 presidents JImmy Carter hasn't been made into a dollar coin???

06/24/2021 10:44 PM 

Wheres Turtles movie ninjas with ACE DUCK wings, laserguun, Punk Frogs


06/24/2021 10:43 PM 

Ninjaturtles Groundchuck and Dirtbag they finally did Bebo Rocksteady

They finally did Bebop and Rocksteady second Modern Turtles movie.

06/24/2021 10:42 PM 

23 Creations of Mine should be a Ninja Turtles movie Groundchuck Dirtbag, Street SHarks

Dojo Dogs Thunder Tauruses Funky Frogs live action can be and animated too can be as well, Seismic Salamanders Armaggedon Dinosaurs animated? cgi?? ninjas Trench Tortises sameweaps same shades not bandanas, Samurai Bunnies Creepy Cats Cookoo Crows Ravaging Ravens VengeVultures Pigs of Prismatic Pigs, Elevation Emus,
Renegade Rams, Osmosis Owls, Oasis Owls and or, Gnu Giraffees,
Magentail Mules, Emerald Elephants, Exuberant Eeels.
exuberant eels, Fabolous Flys, BoomerBees, Brilliant Bees,
Astonishing Ants ninjas.

06/10/2021 03:33 PM 

Misprescribed drugs for multiple uses? no

depakote, dexadrine abilify strattera for bi polar
I didnt have none of these i should have been prescibed depokote maybe in 2005 luckily after 2004 
I didnt have any more seziure/s, ritalin is like cocaine, concerta like crack didnt get concerta wasnt prescribed concerta adderall and adderall xr extended release i dont like sp[rinkles i dont like extended release.


05/26/2021 11:11 PM 

Joe Kubert did not co create Dominic Darrk reverend darrk

@TheKubertSchool Joe Kubert and StanLee Did not create Dominic Darrk Revered Darrk for Dccomics it was a submission by Dominic A Homan for Harley Davidson comic book challenge 2 014 for DC comics created by Dominic A Homan and Stan Lee.

04/14/2021 09:13 PM 

tommy thayer Fake Frehley and cheater criss eric singer

Okay maybenot outlawed from earth they have to give 50K to Ace, Peter each.

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