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June 17th, 2022

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 16
Country: United States

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January 08, 2021


03/19/2021 06:41 PM 

Current mood:  determined

   WE ARE FINALLY MOVING! I've been dreaming to move for a long time and just start all over. But I'm kind of sad tho. That'll mean that I will have to miss my theatre show at the end of the year and miss getting our school yearbooks and miss the STARR test that will determine if I'm ready to go to high school or not. I really wished we would've moved in the summer. I'm worried that if I move I will probably have to restart the 8th grade. Ugh, Ill ask my science teacher if that will affect my education or not. I always ask my 8th-grade science teacher this kind of stuff because he seems like the type who knows his stuff. I'm really worried and If I do restart, I will literally kill myself. Because I have worked too hard to just waste all that. I've already got held back in 3rd-grade because I didn't care about my school life. IM SO MAD AT MY 3rd GRADE SELF, IF I WASNT SOO IRRESPONSIBLE I WOULDVE ALREADY BE IN HIGHSCHOOL BY NOW! Whatever, the day that I get enrolled in a Chicago middle school, I am not going to waste any time! I will have to prove to those Chicago teachers that I am ready for highschool. 
    Another thing I will miss is this Chromebook. I literally type my blogs in here than my phone. Because it has this grammar error check which I ALWAYS USE. Because I can't type to save my life. Also watching movies and shows on here. The school has always been trying to block those free movie websites, but I always find a way to watch movies on here. They can't block everything, right. Once I move I need to convince my dad to buy me my own laptop or hope the school I'm going to gives each student their own Chromebook to take home, but buying my own will be better. I'll just have to use my phone for the time being. 
   You're probably wondering that I'm going to miss my friends right. Well, your WRONG! I hate those fake ass bitches, especially Monicah. The only real friend that I will miss is Kaylee Kelsey (pretty sure that's not how to spell her first name but I tried). She is literally the only girl that actually cares about my existence in my opinion. I could say Gissele too but she wasn't really a friend who hanged out with us every second of the day but yeah I guess Ill miss her too. But the other 3 bitches, Monicah Mijack, Saheedabee, and Shamim can go to hell. 
   Once we moe here I have to start caring about my hygiene, yeah I do care but I need to be really serious. Because this is the place that my family will actually stay for the rest of my high school career. I can NOT give them any reason that I stink. My hygiene during 5th-6th grade was HORRIBLE. I'm surprised they haven't bullied me after all that. Whatever once we move I'm going big time. Buying perfumes and all those brand-made products everyone has, not those cheap dollar store items. Also start applying for a job if I'm in high school or during the summer so I could save up for COLLEGE! 
   and don't worry I am going to take every note and notebooks and taking them with me, especially science notes. Because something tells me that I'm going to need it. 

03/18/2021 08:43 PM 

Something happened
Current mood:  anxious

   I don't really understand what's going on with my parents but my mom is crying for some reason. My dad is in Illinois right now so he could find a new place for us to live. I'm glad because I hate small cities, I love big cities like Cali, NYC, Illinois, etc. But anyways my mom is crying while talking to my dad on the phone. She keeps repeating the same word "gene" or "jean" Either way she's crying. My 2 guesses are why she's crying from my knowledge is that my dad stole my mom's money or my dad cheated on her. Right now I'm believing is that my dad stole from her. They're on the phone right now. UGH I hate my parents they always fight and they still believe that they're meant for each other JUST DIVORCE! As much as I want them to divorce, but they're the only people who understand each other.

03/08/2021 11:06 PM 

hate him pt2
Current mood:  angry

I'm tired of him bro can he just die. maybe it would have been better if he got into a car crash. The bitch ass nigga still wonders why we don't talk like we do with her. He really waited for my baby brother to wake up so he could force my baby sister to hit him, just because they had A NORMAL SIBLING FIGHT! HE IS LITERALLY PROMOTING VIOLENCE TO THEM! He is teaching them that if someone messes with them they have to hit back. Ugh, can't wait till the day he acts surprised when one of them picks a fight in school. That'll be the day where I tell his ass off.  

03/06/2021 03:21 PM 

escape plan
Current mood:  impatient

I really need to make a plan to get out of this hell hole. This family is toxic as hell and I feel really bad that my younger siblings will have to go through their bullsh*t.  I really want to get out of here as soon as I can and tell someone about all the sh*t they've done, but I don't want to go through the foster care system. I heard they don't even care about you and they suck. I know it's not going to be easy but I just need to find a way to get out of here. I've been wanting to make up my own credit card account but I don't want them to know. I also need to find hiding places in this damn house. 

03/04/2021 01:34 PM 

Current mood:  disappointed

Why do I always fall for boys in this school? If a boy gives me slight attention I automatically start thinking about our life together. Why do I always do this even though I know damn well I won't have a boyfriend until I'm in college. And just because my parents didn't say it does not mean she will say no. I know my parents more than they know themselves. Joel Lozoya is a kid who got held back and he is so cute. Idk I just thought he felt some type of way with me. I guess I was wrong he called me stupid, and bitch 3 times today.  Why am I always sad about this. 

03/03/2021 11:20 PM 

Current mood:  worried

I hate having to cheat, especially on my science. If I don't start getting this sh*t now I can say goodbye to high school because we have this science interim (a practice STARR test) NEXT WEEK! I just know I'm going to sink and fail. I  just wish I was as smart as the other kids. They get things so fast and I'm just like 5 steps behind. I HATE MYSELF!  
- Imma start correcting my time on this thing.

02/27/2021 12:41 PM 

hate him
Current mood:  angry

My dad can go die a slow painful death

February 27, 2021 - 5:26 pm: Why the f*** does my dad have my toothbrush.  I literally saw it while I was looking for his charge so I can charge my iPhone. It couldn't have been my mom because it was my dad's own dresser he only keeps his stuff in it. I don't know what to think now, why would he have it? what does he want with it? It also couldn't have been a coincidence because they are at least 5 toothbrushes in there and he chose mine. I feel like I should start hiding my sh*t from him now. I wanted to pick it up and take it because you know it's mine, not his. but what if he asks. Maybe I should so I could see his reaction. 

[ This blog post is private ]

02/16/2021 02:38 PM 

I hate it here
Current mood:  distraught

         Now I know they really hate me now just heard my dad confess it to my brother. He is just waiting on me to die because they still believe that I'm a "witch". They still believe in that crap. They still believe that I broke the tv,I thought we were past this. I guess not. I need to get out of here they don't love me they never did. Maybe I should just die maybe it would be better for everyone that I just dropped dead since that's what they believe. 

02/13/2021 11:55 PM 

I hate today
Current mood:  aggravated

UGH, WHO IN THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS TO NOT PUT A LOCK ON MY PHONE WHEN it's NOT EVEN HIS BUT ALLOWS MY DEAR OLD BROTHER TO HAVE A LOCK ON HIS PHONE. You know what f*** him and stupid ass self like I knew that my parents never trusted me in the first place so should I really be surprised. Ugh, when I buy my own phone with MY OWN MONEY they don't have to tell me what to do on my phone since I bought it myself. 
   It's as if prayers couldn't get any worse today. This girl just had to have a breakdown about something personal in her life. I was so annoyed the whole time, she just wouldn't stop screaming (praying) and was taking up the whole time. I knew it was about her family since she screamed "LEAVE MY MOTHER ALONE" and crying hysterically. Are people that delusional to believe in that sh*t cause woo Chile. And the whole god thing really makes me lose brain cells cause the sh*t they say is SOOOO OUT OF DATE. They talk about how they see Jesus and we are in war or on a "Mission". The day I start to become religious and believe in that god stuff is the day I HAVE TO kill my self. 

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