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August 17th, 2022

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December 21, 2020


08/11/2022 11:33 AM 

summer time
Current mood:  energetic

Sorry I havent been blogging like at all ive been kinda unmotivated. Yet here i am making myself post something cause i have a good idea for a blog and i dont want to forget it...

Basically me and my friend made a summer to do list of stuff we can do and im gonna show all the things we did and what not.

  • Make s’mores
  • Make fancy pizzas
  • Go to lake
  • Have picnic
  • Go to movies
  • State fair
  • Strawberry picking
  • Go to green lake
  • Beach dAy
  • Art museum
Now we didnt do like half of these things but we did do a few and i hope we are going to be able to do a few more before school starts!! 
So far we have made smores and had a little fire pit in my moms back yard which was super fun!!
we also got to go to the lake by my dads house and we almost drowned and almost got stuck in the middle of the lake but it was super nice out and all worth it in the end!! 
We also went to see the new minions movie which was ok but i was kind of dissapointed cause everyone made it sound reeally good....
we also made little hello kitty pizzas which turned out kinda cute and super scrumptious !

SOOOO thats all we've done on our list so far which isnt much LOL but next we are going to try and have a picnic probably and go to green lake MAYBEEE 
I dont really have any cute photos to show but maybe in the future!!

i havent really done aything else much besided going down to texas and new orleans to see friends and family. Now im rotting in my room waiting for school to start




08/08/2022 01:40 PM 

Current mood:  discontent

Ugh this is gonna just be a depressing blog so you really dont have to read it LMAO

Its so sad watching all the people i used to go to school with become so sucsecful and happy. Like i thought id grow up with these kids more and we would all stay friends but after i switched schools and actually spoke out about my abuser (a girl from that school) everyone started disliking me cause "oh shes so sweet you lying" and "your just being dramatic"

people preach believe the victam over the abuser untill the said abuser is someone popular and pretty. everytime i think i escape her she winds up in my life again and i just dont know what to do. ive switched schools because of her and she still finds me. Im about to go into highschool with her and some of her other friends who hate me and im just so nervous. Most people say it wont be that bad and shes gonna leave me be but how do they know that?? Ive already had my life threatened by someone who was literally dating her (this girl also slapped me after threatening to take my life) i mean she slapped me to win back the girl cause she cheated on her but like still...she always finds her way back into my life. 

Im growing and healing but im scared all of that will come to a stop once i see her again. i dont want to switch schools again because of her. ive let her control my life so so much and i still am just because im scared of her?? like its so stupid how im scared of someone who probobly doesnt give a f*** about me anymore and want to avoid me too...

this probobly doesnt make sense im just overly stressed LOL 

08/07/2022 01:41 PM 

Current mood:  silly

Attempt number two cause my first blog about this was deleted half way into doing it broken heart
ANYWAYS....I ran out of blog ideas cause ive been very mushy brained but i was given a very good idea to do a blog about cheese!!! so thats what im doing now. What does one write about in a cheese blog?? I do not know!! but im going to show photos of cheese and rate them on a scale of one to ten on wether id eat them (10 being yes id eat it 1 being id rather die) 

now im severly lactos intolarent not that that stops me from having lactos but ya....
now onto the cheese rating!!

cheddar | Description, Origins, & Production | Britannica
Id give this one a 10/10 i like me a good chedder cheese and its got the iconic triangle shape too it!!

Cheese | Interfood - A unique perspective on dairy
hmmmm this is hard id say 7/10 i like the cube shape and the holes but its basic and the white cheese or creamy colored ones just arent as good as orange....

The Many Different Types of Cheese | U.S. Dairy
I HATE THIS TYPE OF CHEESE 0/10 litterally its wrapped in plastic and has a plasticy taste to it and it is just so nasty 

How To Make Mozzarella Cheese - Alphafoodie
I LOVE MOZZARELA!! its ok on its own but you need to put it on a buttery pasta and it is like heaven on earth 10/10 

How To Make Your Own Cream Cheese
im sorry but i really dislike cream cheese its just not my thingbroken heart 2/10

How a Cheese Goes Extinct | The New Yorker
ok im sorry but it just looks gross which doesnt help the fact it doesnt taste that good... id eat it if it was in something or on something but even then thats a bit much for me....4/10

USDA Says Cut Saturated Fat, but Works With Program To Push Cheese at Taco  Bell
i mean come on? who didnt eat these little squares as a kid???? very yummy very nostolgic 10/10

Ok thats it for my cheese ratings let me know if i should rate anything else like this 

remeber im no cheese expert so if you like the cheeses i dont like then thats ok 
i love you too the two people who read my blogs and goodbyeeeee

08/05/2022 08:25 PM 

About me (ft my friend)
Current mood:  sneezy

Q1: what is your full name?
  A: Sayer N
Q2: what is ur most used nickname?
  A: Say, Oliver, oli, and bear
Q3: what is your dream occupation?
  A: Being a pro ballerina in the pacific northwest ballet, newyork ballet, or the paris ballet 
Q4: what is your favorite color?
  A: pink, green, and orange
Q5: what is your favorite tv show AND/OR movie?
  A: Oh my gosh prolly mlp, clarence, and song of the sea 
Q6: what is a talent you wish you had?
  A: piano! or maybe being really good at using oil paints 
Q7: what are your hobbie?
  A: Dance, roller skating, and art!! for dance I prefer ballet and contemparary and i paint with acrylics 
Q8: what is your favorite tea?

My friend arial made these questions for me and i made some for her blog as well! 
go check her out 
Arials account >> https://www.friendproject.net/aangelcorpse

08/05/2022 05:13 PM 

First blog (Kinda)
Current mood:  bored

Ok so ive blogged on here like two or three times a while ago.....butttt im gonna start blogging like a bunch just random stuff. you should follow my blog though cause im kinda of interesting sometimes. Today i didnt do anything besides watch ldshadowlady videos and go out to lunch with my dad. cheeky

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