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Last Login:
June 15th, 2021

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 16
Signup Date:
November 26, 2020


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06/02/2021 03:36 PM 

I have a confession to make...

...I didn't like Mario Kart Wii as a kid.

02/25/2021 03:36 PM 

And now a few words

Cotton-candy cloud phone computer chocolate cat guitar piano color flying video code weird internet fun drawing camera sad VHS silly future cool videogame Japan rainbow notebook sugar sweet music cute screen math scene words poem art 3D science bow Nintendo software programming hardware YouTube okay snow time infinity theremin Winter eternity joy glitch
Look! Words!

01/18/2021 03:60 AM 

Phone Booth Creepypasta I Made Up

I was on a family road trip, on our way back home we stopped to get something to eat. You know those restaurants that are in the middle of nowhere? Yeah, we ate in one of those. My sister and I are fast eaters, so we finished before everyone and asked if we could play in the field surrounding the restaurant, after some insisting our mom said yes and we went out to play. We played tag for a while when something cought our attention, there was a phone booth. We hadn't seen it the whole time we were playing or when we got there, but instead of questioning it we decided to use it to pretend we were calling each other. My sister went in the phone booth, and as soon as the door closed, the phone booth disappeared into thin air, along with my sister. I ran in circles in panic and then I went and told mom what had happened, all she said was "What are you talking about? You don't have a sister". I couldn't believe mom said this, so I looked on my phone for pictures of my sister, but every picture I remember her being in no longer had her, the only proof I have of her existing is a old family drawing I had made in kindergarden.

01/01/2021 03:36 PM 

The ThatMattie Number


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12/05/2020 03:36 PM 

The Holy Pineapple

After Andrea saw the Interdimentional Cat and it's intentions, she quickly sent out her strongest guard, the Holy Pineapple. For centuries upon centuries now, the Holy Pineapple has tried to protect all earthlings from the Interdimentional Cat, if it ever sees it, it will try to take it to Andrea, this has never worked though, because the Interdimentional Cat always manages to escape!

11/28/2020 03:36 AM 

Interdimentional Cat

Beware of the Interdimentional Cat, it will try to get you and send you through some mysterious portal. No one knows it's motives, no one knows where the portal takes you, all we know is that its probably dangerous.

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01/01/2003 03:36 AM 



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