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Last Login:
October 28th, 2020

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 18
Country: Japan

Signup Date:
October 12, 2020


10/17/2020 03:57 PM 

i am rambling :3

this has like become a diary now. does anyone read these? if ur reading this comment pls :D i wanna see hehe
anyways. i really hope that ill push thru and actually make it to college and not drop out.
i am too loyal 2 my comfort zone. but i need to grow!
i hope that i get to grow up and do great things n find my soulmate.
things seem so hopeless!
the only other dreamer i knew died not even a month ago.
i wonder if ill make it. i wonder what i even want 2 do!
i think that i just want 2 be happy. no matter where i am or what i end up doing. i really hope that im surrounded by the ppl i love and that they all love me just as much as i love them.
i deserve better than my past. my past sucked butts.

10/16/2020 02:46 PM 

where will we b?
Current mood:  sleepy

i pulled an all nighter for my midterm.
i cannot believe i am in college and im going to move to japan.
its so odd bc ive dreamed abt it since i was little
a lot of things i dreamed about ended up never happening. sometimes it feel like my dreams r destined to be false.
i hope this dream comes tru
i will make sure my dream comes tru.
i keep thinking abt how i hold myself back bc i am afraid of things
i am afraid 2 move out. and leave my mom
im afraid 2 be alone. but i wont be?
i kinda wanna cry just a little
i know i deserve the things i want! so why don't i feel like i can have them

10/15/2020 11:32 PM 

baby killer!!!!!!!!!!

my DOG killed a baby gecko today.
he is insane 
why r animals like this 
do u think dogz hav morals? 

10/13/2020 05:51 PM 

Current mood:  mellow

i wonder why i get so sad that some of my friends dont like me as much as i like them 
is it inevitable? i shouldnt worry abt it, 
im just glad im making more friends! hopefully one day i wont worry anymore 
i think i am secure right now though  happy timez

10/12/2020 10:39 PM 

do u think angels r real!!

thats it that is my question do u think angels r real
i think they r and it is so cool
when my friend died i went thru a really rough time  i think i am still in it
but the first couple of days were the worst!!
but random little good things kept happening to me and he kept showing up in my dreamz. & i could hear his voice saying things that made me feel better without even thinking them. 
i miss him sm and he is so cool. 
i think angels r real

10/12/2020 10:35 PM 

this is so fun
Current mood:  bouncy

nobody knows who i am on here that is so cool!! 
anyway i think i am slowly achieving my dreams but it is so much scarier than i thought
i wanted to go to college in japan since i was a baby! but college expenses r so scary especially bc my dorkass dad is cutting us off now that im 18 (im the youngest)
i hope i succeed beyond my wildest dreams so that i can make people proud n make my dad regret being so mean
i love my dog 
i miss the early 2000s this sh*t is 2 complicateddddd

10/12/2020 10:29 PM 

y is everything so complicated!!
Current mood:  numb

i keep self sabotaging my own grades and im scared
what if i flunk out and disappoint my mom
i dont even wanna get close to that
i think its funny that my dad is kicking us out & has a new family. thagts so funny
funerals r so sad
where r u shaun. r u watching us all now? 


10/12/2020 10:14 PM 

Current mood:  adored

this is a test hehe 

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