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Mediocre Myles

Last Login:
January 28th, 2021

Gender: Other
Status: Single
Age: 12
Country: United States

Signup Date:
October 03, 2020



01/13/2021 01:14 PM 

Current mood:  crying

Hey peeps! welcome back! i wanna talk about the time i interrupted a math test with badboyhalo. really. so in 6th grade, I really liked skeppy and stuff. so on my tablet, I put an alarm that at the 20th minute of every hour, the badboyhalo remix of drop the bass would play. i would always bring my tablet to school, and one day I forgot the shut it down. math was first period, and we had a math test that day. we were doing the test when drop the bass started playing from my bag. it was pretty quiet, but everyone was looking around to see who it was. 2 minutes pass and I reach down into my bag and turn it off. everyone stared at me and it was really funny. that's pretty much it, but i always think about that at night lol. bye! Also here's the link to the song lol imagine hearing that in the middle of math class. ow.

12/21/2020 12:03 PM 


Hey peeps! This is a quick one, but I was thinking about making a musical group! I really wanna make some theatre friends, and I think that a group would be perfect! tell me if you would join, cuz if nobody tells me I won't make it lol. Thanks!

12/21/2020 08:24 PM 

Suggest Musicals!
Current mood:  adventurous

Hey peeps! I haven't posted in a while, so I thought id just make a short and sweet one! Basiclly, I'm going to put down musicals I think you will like, based on musicals that might already like.
So first: Hamilton!
If you like Hamilton, (and haven't already) , listen to In The Heights! This was Lin's previous work and its really good! So that's the first one!
Next: Heathers!
If you like Heathers, you should listen to Tick Tick Boom! That musical is my current obsession lmao. It has that 80's rock vibe, and I think that the music is really similar. Next: Dear Evan Hansen!
If you like Dear Evan Hansen, you should listen to Little Shop of Horrors(?) Im not really sure about this one, but they are both about people with anxiety that made. lets just say, "Bad decisions" Like I said, I'm not sure about this one, but check it out nonetheless!
I hope you liked this little thing I made, and if you want more, just ask! If you also have good musicals, comment what I should listen to next! Toodles!


12/05/2020 12:51 PM 

Hah im bored
Current mood:  bored

Does anybody actually look back and say that they thrived in middle school?

12/05/2020 01:16 PM 

My Kandi Collection!

Hi! Welcome or welcome back, peeps! I though that instead of making a youtube channel, ill just log a bunch of things in here! So... Heres my entire kandi collection! Its still growing, so its gonna change a lot lol. It the first pic, I had all my perlers and peyote charms as well as my cuffs and singles and whatever, but I only sorted them by cuffs, trades, big pieces, necklaces, and singles. I hope u like it! Also, sorry for the terrible camera, its my school computer lol. 
So as I said before, that is my ENTIRE collection, plus trades and perlers! Id say its pretty small, considering I've been making kandi for a year, but I think its kind of a perfect amount for me! The next one is my cuffs:

Again, Id say this is a pretty small collection, but most of the mass is in my singles. Here we have som patterned multistitch cuffs, some even peyote, some flowers, some x base and much more.. I make a lot of my kandi with perler beads because their are so many colors, but I prefer using pony beads. Next is my big(ger) pieces!

Ahaha! None of them are really big, but I don't really have a section for them lol. Here I just have my mask and a flower headband. Nothin much. I hope I can learn how to make 3ds soon, because I might be getting more beads so... Next is necklaces!

Haha... Yeah... I don't have that many necklaces, because a) I don't wear them that much, and b) i don't have a lot of beads lol. But I wear the blue choker and the Keropi necklace a lot. Next is trades! 

Most of these are from the same person, because I did a plur package with them. That person happens to be my ex-partner...(pleasecomebackreiiloveyou) OK ANYWAY... A few of them are also from my friend Marisa, because I thought her about plur and how to make kandi. Her fav one she made is a flower cuff ♥ Next is... SINGLES! (just like me rip)
Yes, I know there is a double in there somewhere... I wear singles the most because the are obviously the most casual, and I think there are so many things you can do with them. I don't really have a lot to say about them but... Idk lol

Thank you for reading this dumpster fire! I don't know why I did it, but I'm really bored, yknow? Anyway, please consider friending my, I accept all requests! Tysm!

10/30/2020 01:15 PM 

Where to Get Scene Clothes?

Hey peeps! I was wondering where I could get some "scene" clothes? Ive been emo for a while, and my moms goth, so most of my clothes is black. I was wondering if anybody knew brands or stores that have scene-ish style clothes? Thank u!

10/27/2020 05:24 PM 

Current mood:  disgusted

What are these lollipops called? My brother and I just had an arguement b/c he calls them "Sweatie Pops" Like wtf is a sweatie pop? I just call them lollipops, cuz i dont know if they have a name. Anyway, do u call the Sweatie Pops, or Lollipops?Pink Wedding Favor Lollipops Flat Round Hard Candy 6 | Etsy

10/19/2020 01:10 PM 

My Halloween Costume!!!
Current mood:  excited

Yay! I've been trying to come up with a Halloween costume since august haha. Ok so I wanted to be Kathrine Plumber from Newsies then I'm like "Nah" but now I'm going to be her again haha. Newsies is great and shes a great character so im sooper excited! Im going to the thrift store on Thursday to get all the parts! (Long maroon skirt, striped button-down shirt, maroon vest, blue tie) And im going to buy a wig off of Amazon or something sooo... yeah! I'm really excited!!!!

10/13/2020 02:29 PM 

Female Tenors/Contaltos!
Current mood:  frustrated

Hey kiddos! Ive been wanting to talk about this but non of my friends like musical theatre sooo... I'm relying on yall! Ok so I am a tenor, (roughly b2 to g4) and I really want to be on Broadway someday, but for now, the most I can do is my community theatre. The thing is, there are literally no tenor female roles (that I could find). Nobody wants a girl playing a dude roll, and at the same time, there are not opportunities for me to get a minor part (besides ensemble, of course) So I really want to know what you would do if you were in my place. Also, If you are a contralto or female tenor in performing arts, what are you doing/going to do to get noticed? Thank you for reading!

10/10/2020 09:37 PM 

Current mood:  adventurous

Hello! Today I went on kind of a spoopy road trip with my dad and my brother. We went to go see the devil tree, ill leave a link on the whole legend about it here: Yeah! So we went to see it, and we thought that the tree we say wasnt it because in the photos its by itself in a field. It actually is overgrown by plants tho. We followed this path all the way around because we thought it was farther back. It just leads right back to the tree we saw before. Pretty anti-climactic. We also went to Feltville, an old deserted village where they made books and sh!t. While we were there, we took a piece of bark on the floor for my mom. My mom's kind of superstitious, and she told us to now take anything from the Devil Tree, so we pulled a prank and told her it was a piece of bark from the tree haha. She still hasn't accepted out apology :(. Haha, that's it, thanks for reading!


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