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December 2nd, 2020

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August 14, 2020


11/26/2020 02:34 PM 

Current mood:  depressed

11/21/2020 10:55 PM 

Current mood:  peaceful

Anxiety Poem by D. H. Lawrence

11/21/2020 05:45 PM 

Live And Let Die
Current mood:  depressed


I live in a house with no windows
a black curtain hangs on my door.
The voices of conscience torment me
I live in a room with no floor.


There's dirt in the corner I can't see
there's water that runs down the wall.
There're mice in the attic above me
and rats playing games in the hall.


I live in a house with no windows
and sleep in a room with no heat.
The darkness of life that surrounds me
Keeps out the sounds of the street.


I wake when the shadows have fallen
and walk when the memories cease.
When purpose in life has no meaning
and only the wicked find peace.


Each night you sense that I'm by you
you feel my breath as you sleep.
You hear the faint creak of the floorboards
as out from the shadows I creep.


I live in a house with no windows
I live in a house that's now yours
It's my voice you think that you're hearing
for I died in this room with no doors.


10/10/2020 08:42 PM 

Can you see the light?
Current mood:  distressed

It was somewhere around midnight,wind cold as ice was slapping me in the face,but unlike all the other nights everything was enchanted with the breathtaking  light from the sky,pulsing like a pale white heart. As soon as I looked up onto it,this beautiful felling was shooting trough my veins. The felling of total peace,that's what is was.At that moment you fell so weightless and calm,like your're floating in the air,almost like a ghost.Maybe that's what we will all fell like when we go to the other side to heaven or to hell.A guardian will be there to show us the path. The path lead to the giant black door pulsing with red lightning while The Satan was opening the door. As soon as I stepped there was a sign of what was coming. They were all there,all 9 rings while the Lucifer was waiting at the end.With the first ring right in front of my sight it was the time to face the battle.The question is,was it too hard? Was it too shameful? It probabbly was. Constantly running thourgh the thorns,the mud,the blood,the bones,drowning,crawling... And the pain,oh the sweet sweet pain. At first it was completely awful,but then at the same moment it felt like the best felling in the whole world. Better then any drink,better then any drug... He was there,standing,black as the night that it was before,with a sword in his right arm which was sharp as an axel that was ready to crash the three of life. There was I voice around me in my head saying - "C'MON DO IT!". And so he did. There was blood shooting all over the place,while he was laughing uncontrollably,the sound of it was unbearable,the whole time while he was dissepearing in the red sky,the sky of hell. It was over,at least for me. So what,not everyone's story deserves a happy ending...

09/12/2020 09:08 PM 

Deep in depression
Current mood:  depressed

Is there anything that can help?
Any single tiny f***ing thing?
At least something?
Maybe a song can help.
Maybe a movie can help.
Maybe a book can help.
Maybe a game can help.
Maybe a friend can help.
Maybe a talk with someone can help.
Maybe a drink can help.
Maybe a smoke can help.
Maybe a kiss can help.
Maybe a hug can help.
Maybe a tear can help.
Maybe a cut can help.
Anything can help...maybe...

08/15/2020 12:45 PM 

You know that felling?
Current mood:  depressed

It's here,when you wake up in the morning,it's there when you close your eyes and go to sleep.The two big enemies,or shall I say two best friends.Anixety and depression.They are the reason why you never put a smile on your face,they are the reason why you are always standing aside,all alone without anyone to talk to.And "thanks" to them every single day the same questions are jumping inside of your head - "Why nobody likes me? Why am I ugly and fat? What's the point of my worthless life? Should I kill myself?".You're sitting outside on the balcony,smoking a cigarette and asking yourself those same questions on and on and on and on... Maybe one day all of that will be gone.MAYBE.You know that you have to fight,you have to fight those demons,you can't let them win.No,not this time.It's gonna be a one long hard fight.

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