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February 15th, 2023

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August 10, 2020


10/12/2022 08:38 PM 


Currently working on a writing project, it's about fashion design and I gotta get my draft done by tomorrow. Not too worried about it tbh

kinda wanna change my hair color already even though I've only had my extensions dyed a week or two, I'm gonna go dark brown, silver, and turquoise next. Debating how I'm gonna mix the colors tho lmao, maybe I'll do silver on top?? And then silver and teal highlights in extensions, with the extensions being mostly brown? Idk lol, so nice to be able to mess with my hair though. I also bought a side bang extension piece tonight bc I kinda miss having the official scene side bang look lol. If it looks good I'll probably keep my actual bangs straight bc then I can go both ways, yay!! Purple was good while it lasted but I'm over it now lmao. Also I so need to tan soon ugh, when I dye my hair I'm defo gonna tan bc the silver would look so sh*t with how pale I am lmfao like it's actually embarrassing. Saddest part is I get out 10x more than I used to but I'm still pasty as f***

Ooh over the weekend I finally got my platform heels, they're the tall ass stripper style ones and I LOVE THEM. So hot like I'm not even gonna lie rn. They make me so tall too ugh I'm in love. Also how are they gonna be comfier that every other pair of heels I own??? Like holy sh*t they don't give me blisters or hurt me at all. I also got a cute off shoulder shirt ^_^ Says I love naps. I'm probs gonna alter/cut up some of my shirts, I have a green so so happy one I hate the neckline on, I'm planning on turning it into a cute lace tank top/cami(?) thing. Got the straps and lace saved already, they're gonna be hot pink to match the spike design on the back. I'm also gonna make my breathe Carolina band tee off shoulder bc once again the neckline. I feel kinda bad bc I'm basically gonna be "ruining" a rare band tee but oh well I like BC so its not like I'm selling it anyways. I wanna find a specific DGD top I used to have and alter it too but I haven't been able to find it, well I kind of did but I don't think the one I found on eBay is authentic :( I'm sad I loved that shirt but for reasons I gave it back to the person who got it for me. It was only fair that I did but I still miss it

Im gonna start doing my makeup differently too, I saw a style I liked so I'm gonna try it here soon. I wanted my doll eye style to work, in some ways it was cute, but damn it just really doesn't suit my face I feel. Best way I can explain it is that my face looks too old/adultish(?) for it. People with rounder faces like the girl in the tutorial I got it from suit it so much better. It's kinda like gyaru for me, I LOVE it but my face just can't pull it off lol

Im out of sh*t to write for now, so bye have a nice evening!

07/12/2022 10:37 PM 

Pokemon transfer?

So like 2 days ago I found out that you could transfer pokemon to black from hgss and dpp, I used it to transfer a few of my mons from ss (eeveelutions, pseudolegendaries, etc.)
I guess I just never knew about it until a few days ago?? I've had the game completed for a few weeks but the route the transfer building is on is my least favorite so I've just never gone there. I wonder what I would've done if I had found this out back when I first played black when I was 7 hahahah

Anyways, I now have an Aggron, Tyranitar, and Salamence to go along with my Gliscor, Swoobat, and Mienshao! Very happy with this team, I think they're slowly adding themselves onto my already huge fave pokemon list ;^_^

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