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04/06/2022 03:39 PM 

cards 4/6/22

life is so weird 
high prestsis 

03/25/2022 11:53 PM 

Long dayzz

Why do people have to leave this earth? Like why do they have to die? I know I'm one of the few that can still interact with people after the face but that's totally not the point. I wanna pick up the phone and call rather than have all my energy drained. Like very few people know all of me all of my heart and thoughts they're so gaurded and I want to be better but it's hard you can tottally fall in love with a soul at the wrong time and it's no ones fault I wish we would have met a few years earlier maybe it would have never mattered maybe you don't even think of me.although I can practically read your mind and know you do but I'm still an emo girl 

03/25/2022 10:01 PM 

Current mood:  apathetic

I like CANT stop thinking and it's stupid. Sometimes it's all so real sometimes it's fake. I love how I can have all of these deep intellectual thoughts and like when my body needs something as simple as food my brain is like [malfunction] lol 🍊 im manifesting my ideal life as we speak. Life is all about manafestation. Idk when I became the way I am or maybe I've always been me but I know your speacial too.... I'm scared but it's ok to not be ok 

03/24/2022 02:20 PM 

Lets Pretend
Current mood:  amorous

Part of pretending is like ignoring all the bad things that make you upset and focusing on the the good. do this to block out all the external, negative, non-beneficial influences in your perception. Keeping your attention on positive aspects of reality is the first thing towards creating a perfect reality. I do very will in this up until it's about nurturing my body.Pretending your reality is already amazing is a concept like fake it ’till you make it. When youre trapped in someone else’s reality these concepts feel almost offensive to comprehend. Youve been told to disregard these concepts by a social reality which benefits from you continuing on with the status quo. Just because the social reality is benefitting doesn’t mean you are benefitting as well. You are one with the highest spriturial being. Why can't I turn off my brain 

03/24/2022 02:01 PM 


Sometimes I look out and I can't imagine being anyone else but me, and I know it's cliche or whatever and everyone only has their own prespective of course but I mean in a what of that was scripted for me on my storyline ever since I was small it was like the way information was fed to me I truly believed that everything in the universe was gifted to me in a little box wrapped in a bow and I know I am gravely fortunate to be in such a position. It frightens me really in I know I have not accessed all parts of my mind but I am willing to try, sometimes I feel like I am the only real person in the room or maybe I am the only one aware it's like everyone has blinders on and I can really see.  
sometimes having nothing can prevent you from completing a task but so can having everything I have to force myself into being artistic or preductive in that I have so much fear of not being perfect because I have all the stuff it should be perfect but I can't make myself 
 It's art 

03/24/2022 11:11 AM 

Ostara 🌞💐

You literally can't be artistic or poetic these dayslol I absolutely feel like I've been stuck in an acid trip since 2016 and don't know how to process that. Or maybe I have just become hyper aware. Life is weird. 

A few days ago we welcomed Ostara and with that she brings spring along with her I myself am thankful and will leave an offering from this point until she moves with the seasons. 

03/23/2022 03:33 PM 

Space time
Current mood:  anxious

 I have to be careful the thoughts that I have.. too many times now have I had a thought or a want and the universe just provides. Can't I just have selfish thoughts and them not happen? Or is that in itself selfish? Idk i have always known I was more that the typical being. I have yet to meet many who challenge my thoughts. Would you meet me on the astral 

03/21/2022 11:11 PM 

Current mood:  nostalgic

I am realizing that I am more than myself. I am a spiritual being. Life is weird. I am not one but many. Iko iko.... 
it isn't hard to be a time traveler because time and all of reality is fake or at least the construct of it all is and unfortunately it's crumbling and deteriorating around us just like society. In the end I am the only one. I am patient. You will always return as will I. Are we equals I do not know what shall we learn from each other I know not 

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03/19/2022 03:35 AM 

My red bracelet
Current mood:  indescribable

You gave me a bracelet red in color unknowing and obvious in your harmless actions. I don’t not blame you and I hope you do not blame yourself. I wore it through the Halls and now through life. Iykyk and iydyd Now I look at the red bracelet sitting high on my shelf I long to feel lit cold at night as water beads on it as dishes are washed and how the light reflects. I feel stupid for even having these thoughts As I age am I supposed to just stop Having these thoughts do they ever go away This is something so simple to even be contemplating.


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