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rose (1738 aye im like hey wassu))

Last Login:
December 2nd, 2022

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 17
Country: United States

Signup Date:
July 23, 2020


09/27/2020 11:50 PM 


dont read this, i just need to get it out
but if u do i talk abt not eating n stuff so be wary of that

i swear i gotta delete tiktok so many times bc i get so much blatant thinspo on my fyp or girls bragging abt how skinny they are and it makes me feel so humiliated. ive dieted, ive worked out for months and i still see no changes in my weight or physical appearance. the only way i ever lose weight is just not eating. thats why it makes me sick when ppl say all overweight women have to do is watch what they eat and they'll be fine. it takes YEARS to get to the shape of girls who are just naturally skinny. i hate how people tell me im not fat and im really small because it's just not true. i see fat all over my body and it just makes me sick i wish i could just chop it off or something. the media is just one big shtstorm of ppl telling u to hate urself, directly or indirectly. it makes me sick. it makes me so sick and im so tired. im so alone.

09/02/2020 10:54 PM 


i play a lot of video games (xbox) so hmu if u wanna play
i LOVE watching movies so also lmk if u do that bc i wanna do a zoom conference movie theatre type thing
i play piano, i oil paint, i collect very expensive plushies, and i f***ing LOVE high fashion
im half irish half chinese, i travel a lot and ive lived in costa rica so im a very international person 
lastly i can also be rlly sensitive and i don't like loud noises (sounds childish but i really really can't stand it) 

08/07/2020 11:13 PM 

i want 2 b a strawberry

im going through a really weird phase where i want anything strawberry themed that has ever been produced like i want strawberry earrings, chokers, clothes, idek why i love strawberries so fking mucch like,,,,,,, theyre perfection if i was a strawberry id be so happy

07/25/2020 09:08 PM 

hello fren

if u get this reference u get a platonic kiss on da forehead

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