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August 1st, 2020

Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 11
Country: Philippines

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July 15, 2020


08/01/2020 06:50 PM 

yo guys check out the HD version of a 240p music video!
Current mood:  amused

07/25/2020 09:15 PM 

im having difficulties with my diet.
Current mood:  sad

so i recently started losing weight, and, it's super hard, like, for one, i can't stick to my diet, cause there are always these foods around in your house that look great and taste great and when you do eat them you end up eating more than what you have planned, and exercising is kinda hard, since you start off ok, then you end the workout being covered in sweat, and you have to do it again tomorrow, and  it feels repetitive.

07/15/2020 06:36 PM 

does anyone else feel this way?
Current mood:  confused

does anyone else feel as if they have a thousand friends in school, but then when the school year ends most of them become aquaintances, and whenever you enter a new school year, you always feel as if you're new to the school?

07/15/2020 03:17 PM 

Current mood:  confused


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