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July 29th, 2021

Gender: Female
Status: Married
Age: 30
Country: United States

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July 02, 2020


07/21/2021 11:44 PM 

So Tired
Current mood:  annoyed

I am so tired of the hate that is going on towards the LGBTQ and people who practice their chosen path. I wish we could get the same respect as everyone else in this world. Why can't the LGBTQ and Witches love and practice however we want without the hate...

03/14/2021 07:03 PM 

Current mood:  bummed

It's sad that women have to buy a self-defense keychain so that they can feel safe when they walk home from work at night or walk anywhere by themselves. It's sad that women can't feel safe by themselves anymore because there are creepy men who like to hurt us when we are alone.

07/02/2020 09:01 PM 

Old Memories

This site reminds me of myspace and makes me remember so much of my high school days. Hopefully I can make so awesome friends on here.

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