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04/28/2021 03:19 AM 

Check out my new YouTube video.
Current mood:  angry

Watch my new YouTube video reviewing and ranting about Toronto FC Vs. Cruz Azul in Leg 1 of the Quarterfinals of the 2021 Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League. It's a great rant, so I know most of y'all will enjoy it even if you don't like the sport of Football (soccer.) hope y'all enjoy me being disappointed and angry. RSR3: That’s That: Toronto FC 1-3 Cruz Azul Review

04/04/2021 01:51 PM 

I’m back on here... gonna try to be more active.
Current mood:  cheerful

I'm gonna try to start being more active on FriendProject, and will try to update y'all with more pictures, and my YouTube videos! Happy to be back! Ready for some fun time! 

06/30/2020 08:43 PM 

Top 6 MLS Young Players Right Now!
Current mood:  inspired

Watch my new video! If you enjoyed it, leave a like and subscribe to my channel! Top 6 MLS Young Players Right Now

06/29/2020 10:32 PM 

Making moves!
Current mood:  cheerful

Just got the brand new ring light for better lighting on my Youtube videos, and earlier than I expected, I will be able to see how it looks in 2 videos before my MLS is Back tournament coverage starts, and I love how good the light looked in my test video I made, so I think my tournament coverage will do amazing. Time to realize my dreams! You love to see it. While you're at it, go check out my group stage predictions video I made after the MLS is Back tournament draw, and subscribe if y'all like! Click the link to watch! RSR2: MLS Is Back Tournament Group Stage Draw Reaction and Predictions

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