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11/20/2021 11:27 PM 

thoughts on 只要彼此爱过一次


now that we've got that out of the way, i just wanna post sum details

so there r sum nice recurring themes (motifs ig?) in the story that i love love loveeee

1. hair (my personal fav)
even tho only guan tang's hair is mentioned directly, i think hair is a rly nice repeated symbol in the comic.  a v cool pt abt the end is that heng's hair is long and guan tang's hair is short.  in the beginning, it was the opposite and in her head, heng mentioned loving guan tang's long, red hair.

personally, i think that the switch kinda represents guan tang moving on from her crush on heng and heng being unable to do the same and its so aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

also, i think that the fact that heng hasn't moved on and the probable reason why is so sad.  like her family, teachers and classmates are homophobic and china isn't the most socially progressive country so her first love probs meant the world to her.  she pushed away sum1 she loved bc she couldn't get herself to b as bold and brave as guan tang was (which is not her fault at all).  she probs would've moved on like guan tang if she was able to b as open as her.  i think she only subconsciously held onto that crush so hard bc of the fact that she was/is so deeply closeted and she regretted not being more open abt her feelings at the time.

2. the poem
even tho it's never directly mentioned in dialogue and only shown in passing during the whole comic, i think its a rly rly special part of the comic.  it's a bit hard to read bc my reading isn't the greatest and some of the characters r rly small and guan tang's handwriting (the lil message on the side) is rly grainy in the chinese ver i was reading, so im going off the english ver.

the most obvious part is that the title of the poem and the comic are the same.  a lot of types of literature in general do this and i just rly rly like it.

another thing, although not a part of the poem itself, is guan tang's note.  it references the last line of the poem and its so darn sweet i can'ttt

also i just found the chinese ver of the poem im just not gonna edit what i said b4 bc it still makes sense either way (the translators did a fantastic job imo)

3. queer themes (obvi)
i love stories like this bc i feel like they're such great representation for both those inside and outside the community.  its short and digestible and most of all, it's rly touching and realistic.  not that all representation has to b realistic, but the portrayal of how a lotta queer ppl may feel should b realistic.  ik a lot of queer representation seems to b just constant sob stories abt the hardships queer ppl face, but i still think good queer sad stories r v important.  especially bc this was originally chinese and china is v socially conservative.  in china, most of the queer "representation" is literally porn.  mostly mlm porn written by straight women and wlw porn written by straight men =>=  my point is that it's great to see actually decent representation in china.

overall thoughts
all in all, i think this was a fantastic story.  the art was gorgeous, the writing was great, and the overall structure n delivery was so effective in terms of story telling ^w^

11/12/2021 12:11 AM 

thoughts on "passage of my youth"

ok so tbh i didn't go into this w a v like critical mindset so there's probs stuff i missed.  if yall wanna watch the movie, the link is in my status abt the movie and i'll also add it here: Passage of My Youth


but anyways i honestly thouroughly enjoyed it.  i think the storyline is messy, but sometimes in a somewhat more realistic way?  except maybe the very end, but yk.  although it's p cheesy, it wasn't like bad?  it def def def has that idol drama feel to it, but it was enjoyable.  the cheesiness doesn't take away from how i feel abt the movie.  like i think it tries to encompass a lot of different ideas and scenarios, but it does it relatively well.  i rly liked how they didn't tie the jiang he and jiang hai part off perfectly, but also i (at first) didn't like that she and gu xinglie (gu er chun aka dumb gu) got together, but then the ending happened n i still bawled my eyes out lmao.  also even though i always feel second hand embarrassment with my full mind, body, n soul, i still appreciate when misunderstandings are added that aren't like dramatic, shoujo manga style misunderstandings.  although those r p entertaining sometimes, it just doesn't fit w this movie imo.

i also rly liked all of the little references to the beginning of the movie that show that gu xinglie is thinking abt jiang he.  also i loved the whistle n the marble bc im a f***in sap lmao.  i think the whistle def had more of an impact on the vibe of the movie, especially the ending.  like i felt like it portrayed more emotion?  like both the marble n whistle n just lil trinket that can "grant a wish" or "summon the love interest" is a common trope (that i rly enjoy tbh) but i still think tropes can b used in less cringy and/or predictable ways.

i think my main criticism would b the thing abt autism bc i felt like it wasn't necessary and it was generally p yikesy to say that "allistic, nt person won't talk bc of heartbreak so they're just like non-speaking autistic ppl :D".

ig the other thing i would've disliked abt the movie if it didn't end the way it did, would b the fact that jiang he and gu xinglie get together.  MOSTLY bc i think it's rly important to show that no matter how much u like sum1, no matter how much u do for sum1, if they don't have feelings for u, they don't have feelings for u.  HOWEVER i didn't mind it as much simply bc then they used their relationship to showcase like grief n sh*t.  ig they also used it to signify jiang he being totally over jiang hai, but i think her not liking him anymore should show that enough.

like i think that a lot of movies tend to show the type of relationship that jiang he and gu xinglie have are always portrayed a certain way: either the gu xinglie-esque character gets to b w the jiang he-esque character in the end OR the jiang he-esque character is shown to be this evil bitch who uses gu xinglie-esque character who then regrets what she does bc he like gets rich or famous or attains sum form of success.  it's rly annoying and perpetuates the idea that sum1 simply not being interested in u is not enough and should not b enough to deter u from pursuing them.  more movies n shows should push more relationships that focus on consent.  like relationships where if one person isn't interested in the other, no matter how much they love them and how much they're hurting and how good of a person they portray themselves to b... that they still cannot pursue them bc they will never love them back.  like normalize not breeding niceguys(tm).

i think another criticism is just on the explosion effects lolz like it seemed kinda fake, but yk im a crybaby when it comes to movies so obvi i still cried.

it was a p ok movie!  wouldn't say it's a masterpiece or anything, but it was def enjoyable despite my main criticism.  i don't have many bad things to say, but it's not smthn i would say is like my fav.  i think i could still gush abt pts of it bc i still love shoujo romance manga so sum of the more cutesy stuff, i'll still get excited over.

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