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May 3rd, 2021

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 17
Country: France

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June 24, 2020



05/03/2021 04:24 PM 


does he still wear my bracelet 

05/03/2021 04:17 PM 


so then we have my classmates friend 

05/03/2021 04:12 PM 


why do i need the constant validation that im not unlovable

05/03/2021 02:45 PM 


i feel it again the same way i felt last year something is missing i dont feel happy fully 
i have a hole somehow i have to do like last year a full month for myself to get better to be happier not hope for some sh*t thats never going to happen which was L's

05/03/2021 02:43 PM 


ex : i feel worthless rn and i thouhgh wow my ex is doing so much better but like why would i care about his progress i should care about why i feel this way and how i can change it 

05/03/2021 02:36 PM 


i have to stop comparing my hpiness to others hapiness

05/03/2021 02:32 PM 


he made me so miserable i dont even understand why he was so selfish but u know what maybe i deserved it but now i dont feel nothing for him anymore im a little bit sad i have to give up on him he was great and hot and his validation was good but i saw him flirting with another girl today and actually after that i just feel like i can move on too because were just both at different places :) 
goodbye Luidgy its the last time i will check on u 
maybe if i need but i doubt so have a good life even if ur a dixk im sure youll get kinder hhahahahah still fuvk u 

05/03/2021 02:12 PM 


so yeah after the douche that was the laste guy that i had just to think about something else i found myself L 
he was the light of my day but after being rejected one too many times i wasnt going to give my heart so fast so i ended up distancing myself to not be heart  broken again and when i realized i loved him he had moved on so i was left by the person i finally trusted 
i felt that i wasnt enough 
and it wasnt enough that i was tretaed horribly by him 
when she cheated on him he came back 
and i took him even if i was doing better by myself 
but after the hate 
i found myself able to love him again
but he slowly lost interest and after he took my virginity i never saw him again 
i wanted to see him one last time to get closure but in the end theres nothing anymore i dont need closure i know there is better i was scared to feel lonely and unlovable 
but i know im better than what he gives me and i will find better i always did 

05/01/2021 04:12 PM 


so now after my classmate i found a random guy to just ease myneed for confort because i felt bad about being rejected twice 
lol he was awful but it was funny
in the end he ended up hurting me still but not by leaving but by using me for what i hate the most nudes and daddy kinks 
so f*** him 

05/01/2021 04:09 PM 


so the crush on my classmate thats a whole story because its already the end of the year and im still hoping for something when i know it wont happen i mean it will im sure but how idk 
so i shot my shot didnt work because of my insecurities because im sure if i was a littlle less sad it wouldve worked 
so months go by and now i tried again worked for a bit but in th end im working for nothing id rzther nt think of him anymore and just appreciate his beauty by myself 


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