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09/04/2022 02:25 PM 


Ethan Kath is literally such a terrible person
Besides everything he has done to his multiple victims, Knights & Knife Fight have a sample of a girl crying when she found out she had HIV. f***ing insane. thats something so vulnerable. this guy is absolutely terrible and as much as i like him as a producer, everything else, i just want to f***ing $%^ hiM AGGGGHHHH
also the artist that made the black eyed madonna art? Pedo. actual pedo.

08/28/2022 02:58 PM 

Reminder to self

Reminder to self that .blogCommentsProfile and .blogComments dont do nothing and to change that asap before someone else comments

08/24/2022 02:04 PM 

Testingg testing 123

this is a test to see if css works in here

08/23/2022 03:58 PM 


i am healing
extremely slowly, but good
ive been alot more open about what happened
and thats good
thats really good
things are reminding me less of it
im happy.

08/23/2022 03:29 PM 


please do not view the individual posts theyre off center

08/07/2022 10:33 PM 

Dreamily AI using hotline miami pitch

An enigmatic man is getting orders from threatening phone calls in 1980s Miami Florida. He follows through with these orders and discovers that this may not all be real.
A few days later, he receives an invitation to a party at a mansion on the outskirts of the city called ‘La Palma’. The house itself, however, has been abandoned for nearly fifteen years. It will remain so until the last member of the La Palma bloodline dies or disappears altogether. The night arrives; two hours before the party ends, he enters the property via one of the many secret passages, undetected. There are no security cameras, no police presence at all; this isn't something he would normally expect in the middle of nowhere in Florida but it's definitely happening here. This might be a trap. His only hope is to stay alert. He makes his way carefully up a long staircase into what must surely be the most important part of the house. A large library, with bookshelves lining every wall. In one corner there is a large desk piled high with papers and magazines. It looks very much like a meeting place. Before long he reaches another corridor, which leads him to another door at the end. This time the door opens without warning. Inside it is dimly lit but clearly the room beyond is where the party takes place. He can see several people sitting at several tables; the first table holds several bottles of wine and a bottle of liquor. There are also some small groups playing games and drinking cocktails. One group of people seem to have set their attention on him, and are gesturing him over. He approaches them cautiously; as far as he knows they could be armed. They look human enough, if somewhat drunk and slightly disheveled. They introduce themselves as the 'La Palma Bloodline', although their surname sounds more like a Hollywood production name than anything else. Apparently there have been three different generations of this family living in Florida; the eldest child had gone to college and was now a doctor working at a university hospital. The second child had followed her father into law enforcement. After she graduated, she joined the FBI; apparently, her husband thought she was doing good work. The third was now a professor at a prestigious university. It seemed the La Palma family were still well respected by society. But the fourth person was obviously not. As soon as they introduced themselves, the stranger started spouting off strange facts about himself. How he was raised as a slave in North Africa. How he had studied under a famous psychologist in South America but had been kicked out because he had tried to kill someone. And how he had become a cop in Miami just five minutes after the crime scene had been cleared! At this point, the man’s story got confusing. There was a mention of the crime scene being photographed and a statement about forensic teams investigating the bodies. Then another question came in; who was responsible for all this? Why would anyone bother to frame an innocent man like that? Hadn't they heard the rumors, didn't they know the victim wasn't involved? Wasn't he innocent? Then it became clear; whoever was responsible would pay for the crimes. They would get a death penalty for the murder of three young men, their entire family included. Who exactly did that make them? The mob? The government? Were the crimes committed by a random serial killer looking for revenge? These questions continued until a third man stepped forward. He was tall and dark haired, dressed in a suit with sunglasses covering his eyes. “We’re here because of the news reports you saw. We believe it was actually those people who did all this. They framed your brother, and then framed me and my wife when we refused to cooperate. I think you're the key to discovering who the murderer is. So please… help us.” He didn't know why he believed them. Maybe his instincts, maybe he simply wanted to get his revenge on the bastards who had murdered his brother... but he found himself agreeing. He told them everything he knew. How they had come to the island and attacked the La Palma home. How he had been framed for murder by his own family.

07/05/2022 10:01 PM 

My Review of RUINER

Hello everyone!! This is my review of the 2017 game RUINER. Its short, but sweet. 
By far, would be one of the best games ive ever played if it was polished a little more. 
If you like cyberpunk games, and real cyberpunk sh*t, not that 2077 sh*t, you should play this game. I cant delve into why without spoiling anything. The gameplay is fast and addictive like hotline miami, and the visuals and story are absolutely STELLAR.

HEAVY SPOILERS ARE AHEAD!! Read at your own risk!!!


I will judge this game based on the story, coding, music, visuals, and my enjoyment.
First, lets start with the story.

Story: 10/10

This is a TRUE cyberpunk story. This is as cyberpunk as cyberpunk gets. Puppy is used as a pawn his entire life- literally. He was made as a biological clone for his brother, the boss of Heaven, for spare body parts. He is not his own person, and everyone hes close to has used him in one way or another. The fact that him & his brother are carbon copies, but have completely different personalities does make me a little sad. It makes you wonder how ones upbringing can shape a person, and their actions. Two characters that really stick out to me are HER & Trafficking. On my first play through, i didnt like Trafficking, because well, youre made to believe hes the bad guy. Hes in your way, and hes a tough boss, which is enough to make someone dislike a character. After defeating TrafficKing, you take him to Rengkok for Mechanix. While walking through the streets of Rengkok south, he responds to places you go to. Saying things like “What is this?” or “Pretty girls!” Or even asking the police for help. You cant help but feel bad for him. While trying to locate your brother on the elevator scene, he asked what your deal was and what your story was. It was unclear if Puppy or Her shocked him for asking, but its cruel enough. When HER forces TrafficKing to unlock parts of HELL, he suffers fatal burns. Yet HER pushes him to keep doing it. Its cruel, and personally, it made my heart drop. Which leads us into the next character, Her. Shes a nerdy, pretty girl with cool voice lines. At one point, you’re even made to believe that shes your girlfriend, a guardian angel, or someone close to you. She gives you intel on everything, and talks to you the entire game. She has a very friendly tone, uses emoticons, and seems protective of you. What’s not to love about her?
Until its revealed that shes using you for her own benefits. Which leads us back to Trafficking. She took a human beings life for her own personal gain. She used you as a pawn to cut through people trying to kill the boss of Heaven- Puppys brother. Until she turns around and betrays him, too. Once it was revealed that Puppys brother was safe, and not at all like she told us, she reveals her true colors. She threatens Puppy into finishing the rest of the job by setting a timer, saying that his heads "going to f***ing explode" if it reaches 0, which really raises the intensity/high alert feeling in this story. I couldnt've expected this twist, ever. Not only did she manipulate Puppy, but the player themselves. And she did a damn good job at doing it. 
The Dead Hosts & the music paired with it really made me wonder, what the f*** am I doing to these people? These arent even people anymore, theyre empty husks of what they used to be. And yet, Im taking their lives away. They didnt deserve to get their life force drained from them. Especially because most of these are third children, & kidnapped people. Do you think the Sick Sisters give a sh*t about what happens to them? F*** no. They are replaceable, & infinite. As long as theyre leading the entertainment industry & earning money, they dont give a sh*t, and they never will. This is exactly what i expect of the cyberpunk genre. High tech, low life. People using eachother to their own advantages and corporate scum taking control of everything. I beg any and all cyberpunk devs to take notes.

Coding: 7/10

It could be better. It works, but even on my ps4, it lags the f*** out while using energy shields or while shooting sometimes. I noticed this on the Sick sisters battle and with the dead hosts especially. During one of the timed sections, an enemy got stuck on a pillar and i was unable to shoot him for a while, and he was unable to shoot me. (Shrug) There are some pretty damn easy trophies for the completionists. Although attempting some of these in the most optimal way will make your game crash.

Music: 9.5/10

AMAZING. But… The music ranges from Sidewalks & Skeletons, to Zamilska, to Susumu Hirasawa. Anything Sidewalks & Skeletons does is amazing, but the emotions his music provokes especially in the imagination farms and the title screen really made me step back and think about the main characters and I, the player’s actions. Sleep Paralysis, the song used in the battle against TrafficKing was a great choice. The african chants that Zamilska samples make for a haunting experience. Double points for being a female producer. I love seeing that. Her style is very unique and is very fitting to this games aggressive playstyle. Susumu Hirasawa was the person who composed the soundtrack for Berserk 1997. The track thats in this soundtrack was used for Rengkok south. You can hear it below the chatter of Rengkok, and its easily one of the best tracks in the game. It really makes you feel like youre there in Rengkok South. Even though the full track isnt in the game, the ending is truly cyberpunk. Although i absolutely love the music, I wish they would make it just a little bit louder. Also, when they edit songs, like in the title screen or loading screens, (Antigone’s We Move As One) instead of having a song play from a certain point from the beginning, they use a snippet. It is a little distracting and it does sound pretty bad.

Visuals: 10/10

 I absolutely love the painted sprites and backgrounds. Theyre absolutely beautiful, and its something I want to see more in games. The 3D models are VERY well done, and i wish that they were shown more often. The only time theyre really shown are in very short cutscenes, and its a shame, because theyre beautiful & they need more appreciation. The lighting, graffiti, and small details in the game make it very visually pleasing. I really do wish that there was a picture mode for this game, or a concept art/art/sprite gallery. PUPPY's Helmet is super cool. The KILL YOU repeating on his helmet is what got me interested in the game at first. I love that the screen changes with his "dialogue." And, it makes for an unsettling effect at the end of the game, when HER appears on his screen. The visuals throughout the game are flashy and NOT epilepsy safe at all, but they look f***ing awesome. It really does trick you into believing your brother is lost, or that you trust HER, though. And it makes HER hacking sequences a hell of a lot more gruesome and shocking.

Enjoyment 10/10

The game is quite addictive. Its high octane and aggressive, which is just what i love. The story coupled with the visuals and the gameplay really pulls it all together. Devolver Digital for the f***ing win amirite?? 33 I love shooting sh*t, dashing, and then pulling out my melee weapon again. It was cool seeing HER's Aphex twin, Berserk, and AKIRA pins. Its so cool seeing references to things i enjoy in other media.  The hacking sequences are ALOT of fun, especially since I memorized my controllers layout. I even found the secret level quite early in the game.
If this game had a sequel, i would 100% buy it!! I cant wait to see more games from Devolver Digital, or REIKON games.

06/08/2022 02:06 PM 

Small HTML lesson

stop putting slashes/inbetween/your/interests/please
use <br> & <hr> to separate your interests. They have no ending/closing tag cuz they are special :)
<BR> means line break. BReak. It separates your text.
<hr> is the same & it adds a line unlike br 
hr is tHematic bReak.
anything inbetween <p> </p> and other text tags is smushed together because thats the way the computer reads it. all one line, & thats why youre free to indent & format your code without it having an effect on your code.
luv, auntie Strawbzy 

06/07/2022 01:07 PM 

arisu garasu

alice glass is such a strong person and i admire her very much
i cant f***ing imagine what shes gone through and frankly i dont wanna know
i really like that she gets to be so personal with her music now, that she gets to be herself & doesnt have to hide anything
i look up to her alot
i know i shouldnt idolize people anymore but after what ive been through yeah its valid f*** it


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