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August 3rd, 2022

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Age: 20
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June 23, 2020


08/01/2022 11:03 PM 

bad again
Current mood:  exhausted

trigger warning
ive been gone for so long
i would have hoped it meant that i did it
but im still here n its making my hed spin  i hate it 
things are getting bad again too
its getting bad its getting bad its getting bad its getting bad 
i wonder if i should just call police on myself ?
i am scared to be alone with myself

07/26/2020 08:33 PM 

i wish

i wish i was dead
im so tired
im so tired
im so tired
im so tired
im so tired
im so tired
im so tired
im so tired
i wish i was dead

06/24/2020 02:44 PM 

triggers sucx
Current mood:  depressed

i hate this thing bc its so uncensored i guess
ivw already come across liek 3 ppl on the blogs talking abt things that r total triggers 4 me
and i guess its like my fault but it still sucks having to come across them....,,,, seriously
and theyre such pathetic triggers too
like? how am i this much of a worthless p o s, huh??? 
but i hope i get a clue and k!ll mys3lf already

06/23/2020 10:54 PM 

like.... hobbies

i wonder how many of many of my friends would totally h8 me bc of things i secretly like
like @[email protected] 
hmmmmm, as if id ever tell them, i cant lose any more friends than i already hav bc they h8 me to much lol

06/23/2020 10:32 AM 

d*e d*e d*e
Current mood:  tired

i really wish
trigger warning
i was dead
i wanted to die a year before this
i made it a year but i hate that i did because nothings even getting better
i feel like its wrong to post this here but when i talk to people they ignore me
they start talking about their own problems and ignore me
just say 'lol me too' and change the subject
or arent people i can safely talk 2
at least i can hide it behind being emo xD

06/23/2020 01:15 AM 

awful day
Current mood:  depressed

today was awful
trigger warning
i want to die
i want to die?
i'll let her abuse me if she wants to, do it then, dont just threaten me, hit me
are you scared? 
beat me like you said you would

is it wrong to get mad at someone?? you're too much of a baby to try and hep yourself and your anxiety at all? but i never help my despression
im a hypocrite?
im sorry. 
it gets harder to hide the bandaids on my arms, and my legs, my knees my stomach
i wish it want like this i wish i was happier i wish i wish i wish i wish today wasnt so awful
today was so awful?
today was so awful.

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