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Last Login:
September 15th, 2020

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 14
Country: United States

Signup Date:
June 23, 2020


06/24/2025 07:51 PM 

Current mood:  artistic


09/15/2020 03:35 PM 

Current mood:  awake

im just wondering if theres a point to breathing

07/27/2020 09:21 PM 

Current mood:  cultured

the Easter bunny is gods fursona you can't prove me wrong

06/26/2020 02:23 PM 

Current mood:  exhausted

tell me why it's so hard to draw it's like 2 am and I'm still trying to figure out how to f***in use procreate 

06/24/2020 12:09 PM 

f*** bitches get money
Current mood:  high

i wanna be like a hoe. but like, a likeable one yk. a friendly hoe. a hoe who u can talk to but like,,,, also sleep with idk

06/24/2020 02:25 PM 

hoe ow wtf
Current mood:  aggravated

my head do be pounding tho

06/24/2020 02:11 PM 

Mickie Ds

i just swalled 2 cheeseburgers whole my throat is expanding wtf

06/24/2020 02:10 PM 


tiiired but not sleepy yk

06/23/2020 03:38 PM 

Current mood:  ashamed

i wanna peg a pretty boy

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