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✧・ 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐬 ・✧

Last Login:
August 1st, 2022

Gender: Female
Status: Divorced
Age: 17
Country: United States

Signup Date:
June 22, 2020


08/01/2022 05:17 PM 

i'm an old ass bitch!
Current mood:  adventurous

guys.... im going to college. wtf. like actually what the actual EFF! its so surreal and weird looking at this account, but also just thinking abt my online presence. i've been doing some housekeeping because ive become aware of my existence so i cant overshare as much online UGH

03/02/2021 01:19 PM 

pt. 2947394 of me oversharing on the internet again
Current mood:  angsty

there is this boy i met at the [REDACTED] and his name is [REDACTED] and omg i think he is so swag and so cool, he literally spoke so little but when we talked we would talk about some fun stuff like relationships and mental illnesses, always a fun time. He even laughed at my jokes and idk if thats cuz he was scared about me biting his nose off or because im just so charismatic and funny and amazing and a total catch. Moral of the story i got his instagram but he is still in the [REDACTED] and i have to wait for my prince charming but at the end of the day...

12/02/2020 01:46 PM 

song recs pls 😄
Current mood:  blah

i posted this on a bulletin but idc, pls send me song reccomendations and feed my individuality complex. i need to feel superior over people because i listen to better music than they do,

also lmk ur spotify wrapped (if you have apple music pls dont speak to me) cuz i got mine and i was lowkey hella dissapointed like sis ur so predictable 🙄 but yeah my top song was glitter by tyler and it reminds me of a nasty boy so pls fill the void thanks

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