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10/26/2023 04:58 PM 

a slow Thursday in October

Oct 26, 2023 4:58PM: (i realise that the date appears to not be displayed on posts so i'd like to have that changed). preparing for a group project meeting to discuss our capstone work reagrding China & COP28. My car battery died, getting lunch with Sam tmrw, Vlad hasn't rescheduled 1st date yet , Halloweekend to come, Melanie will have my liquid latex! Working at dining hall has been ok (money saved on groceries thank god) but I need more money STAT.

Tinashe was canceled so staying here on campus, but scheduled to be in Seattle Feb! Gonna see Cobrah and trying to plan Spring Break as well. 211 Days until graduation God Bless Me. Not many other updates tbh but ur friends with Andie now! I want bruschetta and some chicken. Didn't thaw anything out tho. Cereal again? 

Creative writing has been a bust. It's bleak, hot, and kinda sad iykyk. I thought we'd be doing a lot more writing exercises and expressing our thoughts in class, but it's just been reading text and poems, which is nice, but there's no discussion really
facilitated and every point just falls flat. I should be grateful, however, as the assignments are relatively straightforward and simple.

listening to Young Miko - (8 AM) rn.cheeky

09/24/2023 10:48 PM 

at Uni again
Current mood:  blank

gonna be a bland post. been back for abt a month now and did some fun travel to NYC and Kingston (ON) in that time. Looking forward to the future. 

08/30/2023 09:17 PM 



08/14/2023 03:04 PM 

Current mood:  warm

been in Auckland for about a week now! it's been nice, forgot that it would be winter when we came down here but it has not been bad, just a bit rainy at times. went to Hobbiton, Waitomo Glowworm caves, the Japan v. Sweden WWC match, and Whangarei. tomorrow we are to watch the Sweden v Spain game and then head out to Sydney (AUS) the following morning. Next week Monday, I am to restart school, entering my fourth and final year of uni (!!). i am looking forward to it. although, i do wish i can figure out my work situation and find a better paying job/experience in a lab or something, i am not too focused on that anymore. Now, me and my friend Stuffo (Stephanie) are trying to hold each other accountable in applying for full-time jobs for after we graduate, now THAT's difficult. don;t know how much personal detail i'll share with this subject, but i am looking forward to this year as well because I would like to see what potential there is in another romantic partner or something of the sort. at the same time i do not think i should focus on that at all and just have fun, study, and strengthen my friendships. the Maui fires, Barbenheimer, WWC23, assassination of that Ecuadorian candidate the other day, Justin Trudeau and spouse divorcing, Ari & Dalton /Ethan Slater, Beyoncé Renaissance tour, etc. Lots of stuff going on now. I'm listening to Brandy's 'Baby' right now. love her. Oh by the way im supposed to go see SZA in October in NYC as well as see Tinashe/Shygirl that same month in chicago w Ken and Audrey! this season of Big Brother is meh atm i've literally only watched the first 2 episodes? everything else i know has been thru #BB25 on twitter. i think that is all for now, evrything else wil be shared in my 93479 various other journals lol. bye 

05/30/2023 06:24 PM 

hand, bee, pain
Current mood:  annoyed

I'm very pro #SaveTheBees but as i was swimming at the bach the other day, i saw one struggling to survive as it got caught in the waves. being the kind soul i hope to be, i thought oh maybe i can scoop it up and bring it to a nearby bush, it will suffer no longer! i was wrong. instead, this lil bitcn decided to stab me w its behind and feeling that sting, i felt betrayed and uncomfortable. i dropped the bee (may it Rest In Horror) and immediately asked Daniel (a guy I have hung out with now 2x) to take the stinger out with his long nails. he did and i saw a small bump form where i was stung by the black & yellow villain. anyway, my hand currently looks like a baseball glove and google says i have maybe a week til it goes away. #Itchy more to come

05/26/2023 07:58 PM 

Current mood:  weird

back at home now! been going to the beach, hiking, seeing my friends, eating well. looking forward to the year coming and scared as f*** tryna find a job. like i need money fr. but we good

04/27/2023 11:36 PM 

people suck
Current mood:  aggravated

my f***ing subtenant has STILL not paid me this month's rent & I have to pay fo rnext month's in a few days. I feel like he blocked my # bc it does not say delivered but last time that was similar and it eventually did but it STILL does. I emailed him and sent a venmo request, but nada. he pissing me off. I come to the house in a week and a half anyways to move my stuff so I wil see him since I will be taking my items. He better f***ing pay me asap. 

04/26/2023 07:19 PM 

cette nuit

j'crois que j'devrais pratiquer mon français en bloguant sur ce site; au début je vais vraiment parître stupide mais c'est un étape vers la maîtrise. cependant, parler bien le français c'est la vraie lutte. donc, si j'écris et comprends bien le français, j'parlerai bien aussi. n'ayez pas peur de me corriger!! merci et bonne soirée

04/24/2023 09:24 PM 

D, Ohio

Currently in Enviro Policy class waiting to do a presentation & listen to lecture while also thinking of the assignment due tn i have not finished bc i get distracted so easily. I also had food poisoning last th/fri so that slowed me down too. i thought of making this post bc my friend Lauryn texted me a bit ago and i realized i did not include her in my last one. i have never met lauryn in person, she is an internet made imessage and social media friend. We met each other i think in 2019? on Omegle and followed each other on IG and that was it. for nearly 4 years she did not post but i saw that i followed this girl. then she studied abroad in Italy last fall and i noticed her and thought oh idk who this is but they finally post now. in dec, she reached out to me via DMs and wanted to be friends, reminding me of the Omegle genesis. so now we have been texting, playing Game Pigeon (diek if that is how it's spelled), facetiming, and sharing our dramas. I hope to visit her at Uni in Chicago this fall maybe, because I refuse to go to Ohio, her home state. A bientôt!

04/24/2023 07:01 PM 

Netflix in bed
Current mood:  relaxed

  • watching Close Enough S2 E6.

ik my mood is relaxed but lowkey worried bc that assignment i turned in was all frufru my fault 

will be shopping either tmrw or wednesday for I Paris shirts!
also i had a yummy NY Roll 

10 days til U.S.A. !!!


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