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May 30th, 2023

Gender: Male
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Age: 20
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June 21, 2020


05/30/2023 06:24 PM 

hand, bee, pain
Current mood:  annoyed

I'm very pro #SaveTheBees but as i was swimming at the bach the other day, i saw one struggling to survive as it got caught in the waves. being the kind soul i hope to be, i thought oh maybe i can scoop it up and bring it to a nearby bush, it will suffer no longer! i was wrong. instead, this lil bitcn decided to stab me w its behind and feeling that sting, i felt betrayed and uncomfortable. i dropped the bee (may it Rest In Horror) and immediately asked Daniel (a guy I have hung out with now 2x) to take the stinger out with his long nails. he did and i saw a small bump form where i was stung by the black & yellow villain. anyway, my hand currently looks like a baseball glove and google says i have maybe a week til it goes away. #Itchy more to come

05/26/2023 07:58 PM 

Current mood:  weird

back at home now! been going to the beach, hiking, seeing my friends, eating well. looking forward to the year coming and scared as f*** tryna find a job. like i need money fr. but we good

04/27/2023 11:36 PM 

people suck
Current mood:  aggravated

my f***ing subtenant has STILL not paid me this month's rent & I have to pay fo rnext month's in a few days. I feel like he blocked my # bc it does not say delivered but last time that was similar and it eventually did but it STILL does. I emailed him and sent a venmo request, but nada. he pissing me off. I come to the house in a week and a half anyways to move my stuff so I wil see him since I will be taking my items. He better f***ing pay me asap. 

04/26/2023 07:19 PM 

cette nuit

j'crois que j'devrais pratiquer mon français en bloguant sur ce site; au début je vais vraiment parître stupide mais c'est un étape vers la maîtrise. cependant, parler bien le français c'est la vraie lutte. donc, si j'écris et comprends bien le français, j'parlerai bien aussi. n'ayez pas peur de me corriger!! merci et bonne soirée

04/24/2023 09:24 PM 

D, Ohio

Currently in Enviro Policy class waiting to do a presentation & listen to lecture while also thinking of the assignment due tn i have not finished bc i get distracted so easily. I also had food poisoning last th/fri so that slowed me down too. i thought of making this post bc my friend Lauryn texted me a bit ago and i realized i did not include her in my last one. i have never met lauryn in person, she is an internet made imessage and social media friend. We met each other i think in 2019? on Omegle and followed each other on IG and that was it. for nearly 4 years she did not post but i saw that i followed this girl. then she studied abroad in Italy last fall and i noticed her and thought oh idk who this is but they finally post now. in dec, she reached out to me via DMs and wanted to be friends, reminding me of the Omegle genesis. so now we have been texting, playing Game Pigeon (diek if that is how it's spelled), facetiming, and sharing our dramas. I hope to visit her at Uni in Chicago this fall maybe, because I refuse to go to Ohio, her home state. A bientôt!

04/24/2023 07:01 PM 

Netflix in bed
Current mood:  relaxed

  • watching Close Enough S2 E6.

ik my mood is relaxed but lowkey worried bc that assignment i turned in was all frufru my fault 

will be shopping either tmrw or wednesday for I Paris shirts!
also i had a yummy NY Roll 

10 days til U.S.A. !!!

04/24/2023 02:08 AM 

NY - FR - HI ++ can? can
Current mood:  awake

so the last time i blogged was in november i think? i talked about barbarian which was a movie i only watched bc my boyfriend (now ex) at the time put it on for me. never heard of it before. but since that day i have done a lot. went to New Jersey for thanksgiving at my friend Tiffany's place, went to NYC twice for <24h each (staying at ex's place), went home to Hawai'i where same ex had visited me for a week, and am now studying abroad in Paris. It has been such an experience being abroad. The first month was hard because January felt like forever and the weather was so gloomy. Doing a long distance relationship was hard but I was way more secure and happy in this one than my first so i didn't fret too much. He came to visit the week of Valentine's and we went to Italy for an overnight trip. It was fun with some downs as well. I think I could feel him pulling away already but it more on myself being an anxious/depressed person so I beat myself up over it more. Well the month following, he distanced himself bit by bit and upon the second time I pointed this out ( tho i was never mad bc again, i was secure w mysefl just anxious if something was wrong with him, if anything happened) he explained he couldn't do distance, coudln't find the energy to talk to me, etc that he felt like a d*ck. It was a d*ck move and I hated it lol so he broke up w me. Hurt a lot but still I rise!!! It's been a month since then & I made friend's (little April fling for fun) with a Spaniard 'G.' G introduced me to his Spanish friends and his other friends from his former workplace (Mickey Land ), girly 'P' from London being his bestie and meeting others from Ireland, Miami, & France herself. I've been in Paris for 4 months now and I know it like the back of my hand. I was able to navigate it pretty well since my French is ~okay (can read p much everything but i suck at speaking beyond a elementary level tbh & i can comprehend well when they speak slowly). It's been hellish in the way that I have to share a room with beds 1 ft apart. a kitchen so small u can burn one elbow and get the other wet at once while accidentally opening the fridge and dishwasher with your toes. I live behind 2 train stations so it's nice to hear them go by and draw me to sleep. It's been sad bc I only ever made 1 sort-of friend in my program but we only spoke because of class or walking home, never really hanging out or going on trips together. YEah i could've traveled alone but it was a bit expensive and I am not comfortable with that. I want to be with people that want to be with me, but I guess that's not possible now. G leaves tomorrow and then I have 10 days til i go back to New York to arrange my things at university (storage for summer & summer concert haha) then back home for the summer! It's been sad. My pills for anxiety/insomnia, i began taking them every other day to test their long term effects (i had only been using them as needed) and I thought it was going really well because I only felt general anxiety but otherwise super good about myself. But then as time went by, I no longer felt this way. Not anxious, bc the pill helped with that, but I was suddenly feeling a lot more existential, sad, and slow. I had went to the eiffel tower one sunrise and walked along La Seine to make myself feel better ot at least be outside and all I could think about was crying. I didn't. I came home and started bawling, but over what? I was not even sad about anything but just wanted to d*e and lie there and it was just too much. I googled out of curiosity the effects of my meds and saw that if u have depression it makes it worse, In a way, with my anxiety subsisded, depression was able to take front and center finally. I stopped taking those pills immediately, but will maybe take them again only as needed. It was fun. I explored pretty much every nook and cranny of this city, alone obviously. The canal, monuments, museums, parks, metros, towns, etc. When my friends came to visit we went to the river parks, the fun fair, Disneyland, etc. (for free #ThankYOU'P'). I should be asleep now because i have an assignment due tmrw at midnight and class at 4:30 with a presenattion that I did do the slides but not much on practicing what i'll say. I need to buy gifts for family still when i return home. I want to try be active on here a lot more often, it is just hard bc when i log out and close the tab, i forget it exists again for months. I hope whoever reads this enjoys what I have put down & you're having a good day. I want you to let me know what is the worst show youve recently watched and why? Mine would be my attempt at the Disney Series Bunk'd (but the new seasons w o the jessie cast) because it felt so,,bad. lol idk it's so late for me can't think too much. good night & talk soon? mahalo & aloha 

11/05/2022 11:58 PM 

horror movie
Current mood:  vibrant

watched Barbarian (2022) last night & thought it was reallly interesting. It reminded me of the V/H/S series a lot in the way that the vibe and filming were. I was very shocked at the end bc like why tf did he throw her plsss -- very graphic in a good way. 2022 has been a really good year for horror and this has been added to the top of my list. gotta update my letterboxd!

11/12/2021 09:17 PM 

Horror Films
Current mood:  lazy

Does anyone have any recommendations for any thriller/horror movies? Slasher/body horror to be exact thank uuu!

04/04/2021 11:30 PM 

my first hello :9
Current mood:  silly

i have never posted yet so let's change that ! i need friends here but idk where to start tbh. interact pls

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