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Last Login:
September 27th, 2022

Gender: Female

Age: 23
Country: United States

Signup Date:
June 21, 2020


06/23/2020 03:35 PM 

About me! :)

[--General Information - -]

* Name: Heather
* Colour of Eyes: Brown
* Hair Color: naturally brown
* Shoe Size: 8
* Brothers/ Sisters: too many
* Zodiac sign: leo
* Height: 5'2
* Braces?: i need them
* Current residence: u.s.

[--Do You Prefer--]

* Chocolate or vanilla?: vanilla 
* Hugs or kisses?: hugs
* Scary movies or comedies: comedy

[--Do You Believe In--]

* Heaven?: no
* Hell?: no
* Aliens?: yes
* Love: undecided 
* Magic: maybe?

[--Some Random Stuff--]

* Are you listening to music now?; yes
* What colour pants r u wearing?: pink
* Who Is your crush?: no one

[--More Random Questions--]: 

* Mother's name?: Susan
* Tattoos?: 1
* Body piercing?: none
* How much do you love your job-scale of 1 to 10?: 5
* Birthplace: Delaware
* Favourite vacation spot?: Colorado or any nice beach :)
* Ever been to Africa?: no
* Stolen any traffic signs?: no :(
* Ever been in a car accident?: yes
* Croutons or Bacon bits?: theyre both good 
* 2 Door or 4 Door car?: 4 door 2 door sux
* Salad Dressing?: italian
* Favourite Pie?: cake
* Favourite Number?: 2
* Favourite Movie?: changes every few months rn its clueless
* Favourite Colour?: black and purple
* Favourite Holiday?: halloween 
* Favourite day of the week?: everyones is friday 
* Favourite brand of body soap?: idk dove
* Favourite show?: Parks and Recreation
* Toothpaste?: normal??
* Most recently read book?: cant remember
* Favorite Smell?: early 2000's hot topic smell
* What do you do to relax?: smoke w33d
* Favourite Fast Food?: changes every few months rn taco bell those baja freezes make me horny
* When was your last hospital VISIT?: when my stepmom got her gall bladder out
* Message to your friends reading this: i dont have any friends so if you are reading this b my friend :')
* How do you see yourself in 10 years?: dead
* What do you do when you are bored?: go on tik tok or sleep
* What presents do you enjoy receiving?: money 

[-- Have You Ever - -]

* Faked being sick to miss school: who hasnt done this
* Put a body part on fire for amusement: i used to play with hot wax does that count
* Thrown someone in the bonfire: no?
* Been hurt emotionally: once again who hasnt
* Cried during a movie: yes
* Ever thought an animated character was hot: yes duh
* Been on stage: yes
* Been sarcastic?: duh


* summer/winter: summer 
* cartoon characters: everyone from ohshc
* drink: sweet tea
* food: pasta w/ alfredo
* movie: didnt we do this one already
* ice cream: moose tracks
* subject: history science art
* animal: dog or bunny
* Color: we did this one already too
* Day or night?: night
* Number: did this one
* Letter: who has a favorite letter
* TV or Computer?: computer

[--For everyone to fill inn --]

* Silver or gold: silver
* Sunset or sunrise: sunset
* Have you ever broken/sprained anything: everyone has sprained an ankle
* Rain, sun or snow?: rain but sun is cool too
* How is the weather?: its ok ig
*Do u like cookies?: yes
* Do you like pudding?: eh

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