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Animated Hello Kitty Wink

Last Login:
July 3rd, 2022

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 15
Country: United States

Signup Date:
June 20, 2020


08/06/2021 02:53 PM 


i 4got to mention this when i got back around a day or two ago xD i went 2 the SANRIO STORE!!!!!!!! AND A DOMO SHIRT AND CUTE KORILLIKUMA PLUSHIE ^o^!!!!!!! i went with my cousin n it was supah fun. i do go back to school soon though =((

07/30/2021 04:23 PM 

new favorite video evr. neil is the KEWTEST LITTLE GUY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIS TOP HAT MAKES ME WANNA SQUEAL...! his little screw ups live just make him moar adorabler!

07/22/2021 04:57 PM 


HAI EVERY1,,,, i was gone for a while cuz i was in monterey, we stayed in a fancy hotel and went shopping n stuff and i found 2 they might be giants cds... AND A JUICY COUTURE ZIPUP AT GOODWILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS SOO HAPPY ^_^ ok anyway thats it but im back now

06/04/2021 10:36 PM 

ipod came defected
Current mood:  irritated

my hot pink ipod came in the mail not too long ago and it didnt work!!!!!!!!!!1111!!! they did refund me but im still pissed.! i want my IPOD >>>:(((((((

06/04/2021 10:16 PM 


im sorree but i HAV to rave about this pic again.... ^___^ HEZ SOOOO CUTE.. i wanna give him so manny kisses. just wanted to show my luv for him . teh cicierega O_o

05/26/2021 12:29 PM 

finals week

were basically doing nothing for finals except math... like everyone called off their finals girl why cant you.. hes my fav teacher though so i sorta forgive him.

05/11/2021 03:40 PM 

FUNKASTIC !!!!!!!!!!


05/11/2021 01:03 PM 

neil video got taken down NOOO

this happend like 2 days ago and i had to wake up to my friend telling me that one of my fav neil vidz was GONE FROM YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was him nerdily dancing to ah yeah by polysics and i LOVE polysics and neil and cute dorky boys so i am very distraught. no more geeky neil dance 

05/05/2021 03:37 PM 

super sleepy

i took like 5 naps today, and i missed school beacause of my dentist and therapy so i think that is fun. i may nap again

05/04/2021 03:29 PM 

bought cute thingys

i got lots of sanrio stickers and little trinkets on the way!!!!!!!!!!!! im a bit addicted to shopping but if i get cute stuff then yay O_o

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