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Animated Hello Kitty Wink

Last Login:
July 3rd, 2022

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 15
Country: United States

Signup Date:
June 20, 2020


04/08/2022 11:15 PM 


spring break is almost here.... :D!!! which means i get to do nothing for liek 2 weeks... i've been getting my grades up again and im alllll caught up now. THANK GOD xD

02/06/2022 02:08 PM 

been playing games all weekend

im so sleepy O.O...  but i've been playing video gamez all weekend with my friends LOL and im eating a ton of snacks ^.^

12/30/2021 08:19 PM 

finally back from my aunts house!

i'm back!!!!!! im gonna totally miss their cat though xD... meoow he was so cute, his name was oliver and he cuddled with me all night ^_^! im back home now and i feel way better

12/24/2021 03:28 PM 


im sew excited 4 christmas ^_^!!!!!!!!!!! i will post a gift haul after hehe

(edit on what i got: a gir hoodie, a ton of juicy tracksuits, a pj set, a bunch of stuff from ht, a kitty plush, and an oingo boingo vinyl)

12/16/2021 11:20 PM 

finals week ICKY!!!!!

i dont have to take sum of my finals becuz i haves good grades... but i had to take 3 , one moar to go!!!!!!! O.o

11/27/2021 05:17 PM 

goin 2 my bffs birthday party

were gona go 2 da arcade and im seeeew excited ^_^ !!!!!!!!!!! also lazer tag and bowling! ilysm kelly i hope she likez my gift from hot topic O_o

11/27/2021 04:33 PM 

NEW GIR HOODIE??!??!?!?!?!

its 4 christmas but my mom let me try it on ^_^!!!!!!!!! im even more excited 4 christmas now....

11/14/2021 11:29 PM 

redid my profile!!!!!!!!!!
Current mood:  accomplished

made a whole new layout and contact table O_o... took a bit but i love it sm ^o^!!!!!!!

11/11/2021 02:16 PM 

new mini mp3 player

it cam in the mail and itz suuuper cute O.o its pink and shiny and i loves it!!!!!! i put lemo demon and korn and limp bizkit on it

10/10/2021 01:59 PM 

hi friends
Current mood:  sleepy

eeekk i havent posted on my blog in a bit ^o^... nothing happend to be honest -__- ive just been in school and right now i just got back from the corn maze w my friendz... it was SEEEEEWWW fun but now my legs are tired out

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