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Animated Hello Kitty Wink

Last Login:
May 15th, 2022

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 15
Country: United States

Signup Date:
June 20, 2020



05/13/2022 11:30 PM 

end of school soon >_<

i cant wait ZOMG..... in about two weekz, IM FINALLY DONE WITH MY SOPHMORE YEAR.   like oh my god.... the only bad thing is that im gonna have to do my summr school thing so i kinda dont get a full break xD im still excited and ill probably be more active ^_^

05/05/2022 10:23 PM 


i gots a newww hat 2day... its leopard print with a big big bow ^_^ i luvs it so much.... 

04/24/2022 02:34 PM 

been getting into the aquabats ^_^

ZOMG THE AQUABATS R SO AWSOME... THEYRE TOTAL DORKS BUT THEYR SO FUN xD their show is so cool and so is their music LOL 

04/22/2022 08:32 PM 

spring break so far xD

i love it!!!!!! ive been drawing a lot moar... plus ive been getting into the aquabats and buying more stuffz ^_^ 

04/14/2022 11:41 PM 

END OF THE WEEK!!! (but not rlly)

SPRING BREAK IS OFFICIALLY STARTED TOMORROW! itz the last day!!!! xD im so excited to just lay around and relax... i love breaks... ^_^ im so glad they gave us friday off. 

04/10/2022 02:14 PM 

happeh sunday ^_^

SPRING BREAK IS IN 4 DAYYYYSS!!!!! IM SEEEW excited. xD i cant wait to call with my best friends and make youtube poops with them ^_^ ... 

04/08/2022 11:15 PM 


spring break is almost here.... :D!!! which means i get to do nothing for liek 2 weeks... i've been getting my grades up again and im alllll caught up now. THANK GOD xD

02/06/2022 02:08 PM 

been playing games all weekend

im so sleepy O.O...  but i've been playing video gamez all weekend with my friends LOL and im eating a ton of snacks ^.^

12/30/2021 08:19 PM 

finally back from my aunts house!

i'm back!!!!!! im gonna totally miss their cat though xD... meoow he was so cute, his name was oliver and he cuddled with me all night ^_^! im back home now and i feel way better

12/24/2021 03:28 PM 


im sew excited 4 christmas ^_^!!!!!!!!!!! i will post a gift haul after hehe

(edit on what i got: a gir hoodie, a ton of juicy tracksuits, a pj set, a bunch of stuff from ht, a kitty plush, and an oingo boingo vinyl)


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