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Animated Hello Kitty Wink

Last Login:
June 1st, 2023

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 16
Country: United States

Signup Date:
June 20, 2020



12/18/2022 10:38 PM 


its tru. ive been writing in my REAL diary instead of my internets diary. MUAHUAHAUAH how evil. i keep my secreets forever. 

09/07/2022 06:29 PM 


school has been tew fun,,,,, ive been making a diary ^_^

08/08/2022 03:27 PM 

summer is ovur :(((

well... nearly ovur. i have to go to school on wednesday :((( im kinda excited ngl. but still NO MORE LAYING AROUND N BEING LAZY 

06/30/2022 04:49 PM 

showing off my cds xD

meeee with my fury and return aquabats cds ^_^! the fury one is a promo cd

06/18/2022 10:08 PM 

went to da mall... ^_^

herez me at the mall ^____^!!!!!!!! 
and theres another pic of me .... i got a gir shirt, happy bunny earrings, gir headband, a TONNNN of pink bras and underwear.. and when i gots to the thrift i got an aqua teen hunger force dvd, a devo cd and a pink tank top O.o

06/02/2022 05:28 PM 


i has to do summer school though cus i totally failed the online yr . im so dumb 

05/19/2022 05:26 PM 

finals week :(

finals soon and im NOT EXCITED AT ALL -_- im so afraid im gonna fail even though i hav a's and b's. dis SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

05/13/2022 11:30 PM 

end of school soon >_<

i cant wait ZOMG..... in about two weekz, IM FINALLY DONE WITH MY SOPHMORE YEAR.   like oh my god.... the only bad thing is that im gonna have to do my summr school thing so i kinda dont get a full break xD im still excited and ill probably be more active ^_^

05/05/2022 10:23 PM 


i gots a newww hat 2day... its leopard print with a big big bow ^_^ i luvs it so much.... 

04/24/2022 02:34 PM 

been getting into the aquabats ^_^

ZOMG THE AQUABATS R SO AWSOME... THEYRE TOTAL DORKS BUT THEYR SO FUN xD their show is so cool and so is their music LOL 


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