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December 8th, 2022

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June 14, 2020



12/08/2022 07:17 AM 

shower thoughts 0_o
Current mood:  cookywacky

Random sh!t i thought about yesterday

- why do we call weed weed? did it start out as an annoying plant? and who tf decided to smoke it like tobacco??!! 
- if you're dyslexic and asexual, would you be dysexic? 
- birds. WHY TF DO WE NOT GET WINGS??!!! 
- memes... every generation's sense of humor is sooo different

09/09/2020 11:22 PM 

Current mood:  excited

I got to sing Desert Song by MCR for my Les Miserables audition at school! It was super fun and I cant wait until the cast list comes out :)))
current favorite band: My Chem, Fall Out Boy

09/05/2020 09:01 PM 

September 5, 2020
Current mood:  cheerful

Eee It rained today >u< 
and i went out on a 3 hour walk that i probably shouldnt have gone on- but it's okay xD 
current favorite band: Blink-182

07/18/2020 07:46 PM 

mood lyrics

color the coast with your smile
It's the most genuine thing I've ever seen.
I was so lost, but now, I believe..

And follow me south of the big docks, where they tether the boats,
And the rich men revere as so important, they hire our fathers to steer.
And down to the edge of the water,

Where we'll spill our guts,
And we'll name our fears. I'll give you this picture.
Keep it and don't be scared. ♥ 
to my best friend Braden. I love you man. 

07/03/2020 07:51 PM 

Mood lyrics 7/3/2020
Current mood:  lonely

The map had faded out but I could have sworn I noted every stride
I guess the rain hit before the ink had dried
And where i thought id be was not what I perceived
Assessing the progress from beneath your sheets
That's why I need the silence, I need the empty streets
Just as bad as they don't need me
Its a sick, sad, sham of a marriage
But its all there is, its all I need

06/29/2020 09:53 PM 

c o i n c i d e n c e
Current mood:  blank

Guys... I'm single now TwT 
But I'm happy for my ex. He's one step closer to finding someone amazing for him :) 
  and apparently one of my two ex girlfriends is dating him now xD 
      talk about  a coincidence! 
          anyways sorry for the randomness have a good dayyy :D 


06/27/2020 09:35 PM 

I hate the government right now.
Current mood:  angry

I seriously hate what trump and most police officers are doing right now. We literally have a f***ing RAPIST running our COUNTRY and no one f***ing cares!! It annoys me so much. Trump is sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, a pedophile, a white supremacist, and a rapist, and all of those claims are backed up by undeniable evidence.Yes, he's done well at keeping the economy running but I really hope he doesn't win the 2020 election. 
Plus I'm mad at myself because i can't go to Black Lives Matter protests because if i get coronavirus my elderly grandparents and the babies i babysit will all be at risk. I've donated over $200 though, and I don't make much but thats a lot of my income. We need to keep fighting. Those of you who see this and are white, use your white privilege to help poc. They're really being threatened and violence towards them is increasing a lot in the US. If you are an american of color,especially if you're black, please stay safe. I'm not telling you to stop fighting, you deserve every bit of rights you've gotten and much more, but try to protect yourself please. I understand a lot of these attacks are out of the blue, but if you can do anything to keep yourself safe, please do. I am so f***ing sorry for everything my ancestors and some people around me are doing to you guys. it's sickening. We're all f***ing people. 
Sorry for the rant, i'm really really pissed right now. Have a good day if you're reading this :)) 

06/26/2020 10:24 PM 

Toy Story meme ^v^

Buzz from Toy Story: Hey look, andy's mom has toys just like him! 
*looks closer* 
and they have the same names as us.... woody and buzz.... 
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

06/25/2020 07:39 PM 

Heheh d e p r e s s i o n

 I'm sorry i haven't been on much.. some stuff happened and I almost died and i'll be out of the hospital soon and yeah xD 
Have a good day everyoneee :)) 

06/19/2020 10:19 PM 

mood lyrics 6/19/20

I hurt myself againn
well i hurt myself again
when I hurt myself again
I pretend it's just an accident


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