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12/04/2020 04:10 PM 

if only i could apply my weeaboo determination to my schoolwork... >3>
Current mood:  animated

Hey hey! I'm here for my monthly blog post xDD I will def post more than once this month tho, bc the semester ends in a couple weeks so I'll have more free time/spend time on here w/o feeling guilty (bc the time I spend on here could be used to do work but... whatever lol)

I def talked abt some of this in statuses but stats dont rlly matter? they disappear in 15 days and blog posts are way cooler and more permanent so 
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I always feel like I only post when there's like... a thing to share? like if I get something new or something... that's not rlly what I'm going for? bc then I could just use insta xD its just by the time I wanna post something's happened anyway so I might as well share bc I think its cool :P

So!! I mentioned a while ago on stream that I bought a jacket I had been stalking all quarantine... and it finally came today!!! It's Angelic Pretty's royal pretty jacket, and I hadn't seen it on any secondhand markets until I spotted it this year right before quarantine (for a great price, too!). I was super sad when I found out japanpost had suspended ems to the united states, but fedex is still out here so I'm glad I could get it shipped that way. \^o^/ I feel like maybe its kinda weird that I kept tabs on it all year but... it paid off so whatevs haha here are some pics:

it's got a rlly cool lining, and two inner pockets! so four pockets total, who would have thought lolol I'm def gonna try to make outfits with it while I still can... before it gets too bitterly cold out oof (it already is but idc)

ngl I've avoided saying 'lolita' and 'lolita fashion' on here bc i'm always afraid of ppl reacting to it the way a lot of normies do? (I don't talk abt it irl to many ppl in general tbh) I've only personally experienced this reaction once, but the general trend is that they tend to think its something sexual/gross and its quite literally the opposite: a modest, frilly style... thats it lol. but I think I should let that go here because I would hope ppl who belong to other potentially misunderstood styles wouldnt be so presumptuous. I def wanna make a wardrobe post (real livejournal hours) in an effort to be more comfortable with it at some point, bc why not :P And bc building a lolita wardrobe is a lot of work and every piece is an accomplishment ^-^ what am I saying lol I have one pseudo-coordinate at best xD I will say, a friend of mine irl recognized the style I was wearing immediately when I wore a coordinate out for the first time, and it was rlly nice to have some positive feedback on something I largely kept to myself~ ^o^ mayb if I ever gain the confidence I'll share coord pics on here in posts or somethin, but dont hold ur breath XP

Oh and! I got to go to the library!! They recently reopened for 'express browsing', so ppl can go in and borrow books somewhat normally. I had a hold I picked up so I didnt browse, but it was just cool bein in there. It made me realize how much I missed going, as the last time I physically went in was some time in February I think. I was supposed to take one of my friends there who's never been to get some comics, but the pandemic hit obvs and we couldn't do it. But we're def planning on trying to do it now :D if they'll let 2 ppl browse at the same time lol. And this friend is also someone I'm trying to get a christmas gift for, but I'm highkey nervous? So like, he has a huge collection of comics (I feel ok saying this on here bc there's no way he's gonna find it lol) and he has a cool collection of buffy the vampire slayer ones (like, hardcover library editions!). I wanted to get one for him, because I think he's missing one in the middle of the series from when he showed them to me, but idk if I'm remembering which one it is and I'm nervous I'm gonna buy one he already has D: And the one I think he's missing I'd only be able to get the tpb bc... the library edition is way too expensive and hard to find Dx so I hope it all works out. (tbp is for trade paperback not the black parade lol I just instinctively read it like that rereading this post xDDD im trash)

thx 4 readin my rando post :P it kinda went all over the place but I think the best posts do ^^ 

12/02/2020 04:50 PM 

another post about fp community stuff
Current mood:  thoughtful

I had a different post I was gonna put up today, and I was gonna write this as a part of that one but I think that this should probably be its own thing. Vomit Boy made a status today abt the lack of poetry ppl r posting now, which sucks bc its cool to read. I thought maybe its bc no one rlly comments on it for whatever reason. They suggested mayb a likes feature for posts, and I suggested ppl can just comment cool hearts on posts they like, so they can use whatevr hearts they want, goin w/ the customization thing we're all here for. so idk!! I'm gonna start doing it on blog posts/poetry I like :D bc I always felt bad when ppl would post poetry and I didnt kno what to say abt it in words (i hate english class analysis lol). And if ppl have seen posts iv made and had the same problem post hearts comments here too!! :D u can start w/ this post if u want~ mayb itll encourage more ppl to post more blogs bc they'll see that ppl r reading them (since there's no views counter which is probably for the best)!

but ya. I'll post my other blog eventually but I just wanted to get this one out bc I thought it was important ^^ thx 4 readin~!! 

11/14/2020 08:26 PM 

windows10 customization!!
Current mood:  animated

Hey hey :P I said a while ago on stream that i'd make a blog post abt desktop customization, and it's finally here xD I figured i'd share what i've done so far bc everyone's on this site for customization anyway, so maybe ppl will be into it ^^

so i'm not rlly gonna talk abt the stuff ppl prob already know abt (better discord, chrome themes, custom cursors, screensavers etc.), over time i've found some obscureish programs that can change a whole lot of elements that normally would be p boring. UxStyle doesn't work on windows 10 rn so I had to find other ways to make things pink xD

every program I talk abt will have a link to dl it in its title!! Here's a pic of my desktop to show u everything I have so far:

Classic Shell
I found this one a long time ago, and its main purpose is to give ppl an older windows start menu if they don't like the win8/10 one. BUT, you can also use it to give urself custom taskbars and start menu buttons (even animated ones!) I made that striped pink taskbar myself, and I took some line stickers to make my start menu button ^^ And ur start menu color will usually follow whatever ur accent color is on windows, so it'll match whatever aesthetic ur going for! You don't have to have the start menu change features enabled either, so if u just want a cool taskbar u can still use this for that.

The biggest thing I've found is how to customize file explorer windows!! With QTTabBar, you can change the text color/background of individual folders, add custom pictures as folder backgrounds, and it even has cool functionality features like showing video/image/music previews that actually play when u hover over them! In the pic below u can see that with it you can go through folders without actually opening them and preview the content inside as well ^^ which is rlly useful if u have deep snaking directories like i tend to have lol

(You can also hide that extra toolbar when ur done customizing stuff if u dont want it, I just keep it so I can quickly change things again if I want to :P)

You can see in the pic above that some of the small folder icons in my music folder are colored, and its easily achieved w/ RainbowFolders! If you dont wanna dl a ton of basic colored folder icons u can use it to change the hue/saturation of a folder icon!

You also prob noticed how all the mp3 files have bows as icons instead of what they usually are, and I didn't go through one by one to change them! You can use FileTypesMan to change what the default file type icon will be for different file formats! It's a small touch but I think its p cool ^^ They've got every type under the sun accounted for, so there's a lot to customize if u want to~

This might be considered a more well known program, but I went waaaaaay too long w/o knowing abt it. It's basically just windows media player but much cooler, as u can make and dl custom skins for ur player! You can also use it to play videos, and it even has a built in equalizer! There's lots of plugins you can find for it as well for more cool stuff. It also has rlly cool visualization effects too! If u have a lot of local files for ur music like me then this is a cool way to listen to them! To the right is my current winamp theme~ (some of them have a lot of cool animated features as well!)

UPDATE 3/7/2021
A really cool program to customize your Spotify window!! I've been looking for something like this for a long time, so I'm glad I've found something so easy to use! I've made a blog post tutorial on how to use/install it here.

If u do anything cool w any of these, pls share in the comments! I love seeing ppl customize stuff and have nice aesthetics ^^ I'll def update this if I find anything else worth mentioning. If you wanna know where I got any of my icons or anything, lmk and I'll add them to this post. thx for reading~


10/18/2020 03:40 PM 

itz finally spooktober >:D
Current mood:  lazy

am i rlly gonna blog once a month? i sure hope not D:

hey again, lots has happened since i last posted on here. i would have posted sooner but my laptop p much died and took a month to get fixed (so now im super behind on schoolwork, yaaay). if that wasnt enough, my bike also got stolen, so that's cool  its not like i liked it or put work into it or anything... of coooourse not... and its not like it's probably my downstairs neighbors' fault or anything... this is fine

on a better note, my bday was nice (and a whole month ago lmao), considering we're in a pandemic! I got an angelic pretty dress i've wanted for like ever!! it's called space lollipop and it's super nice and sparkly! jfashion is super important/sentimental to me and to think that i'd actually start owning pieces from a brand i've admired from afar for so long is just... the wildest thing xD i have a skirt of theirs (powder rose), but having a whole dress is rlly something ^o^ here's some pics :D

(yes i did the skirt twirly thing how could i not xD if u own a dress ur legally obligated to do it xP)
i hope i can wear it soon! if the library was open here i'd wear it there D: idk why but i always test outfits by going to the library lol theyre just so nice there and its a library how could u not like it xD i rlly miss going there they have a whole small downstairs area full of manga and comics (all i ever go there for) and its super cozy! i think the last time i went in was b4 the pandemic... D: outside of taco bell its the only place that matters here xDD

also, is anyone doin anything cool for halloween? i kno we cant rlly do much but... its the only thing im rlly looking forward to in these trying times™. i hope every1 gets cool costumes and uhhhh maybemcrwilldosomethingthatwouldbeverycoolandnicebutprobablynoticandream

thx for reading! ;D

09/03/2020 04:30 AM 

[insert amazing post name here]
Current mood:  lazy

Hey hey xP i'm gonna try to write a regular updatey blog post bc I like reading these and no one writes them so... be the blog posts u wanna see in the world xD

I've highkey put off writing one of these bc like... what do I write abt xD which is dumb bc I used to write blog posts like this all the time in my middle school weeb days that are totally behind me i am ex trash i promise—//shot and this site is made for that kind of thing. :P Modern internet stuff is kinda intimidating in how like... if ur gonna post something it has to be about something, yknow? it's kinda stressful tbh. idk if that's just me but if anyone else gets that vibe lmk bc I just notice the general trend of posts on normie socials being more "complete" and have whole MLA cited paragraphs for captions and it's just like... that's a lot Dx idk how ppl do it lol. But yeah posting about nothing is peak no one can tell me otherwise :P posts like
vomit boy's jacket post or abt collections are a close second tho~

For life tho, i'm back at it again for another college semester  Thankfully I don't have to physically go there but i am worried abt my friends who go to different colleges who have to live there/go to classes in person. I rlly dont think places like colleges should be doing regular classes and stuff yet bc the pandemic is still out here and we don't have much to really protect ourselves (at least, not anything more than we did in march). There's already lowkey been some small outbreaks on campuses that I've heard about, so that's not stressful at allllll  And I couldn't imagine going to regular school rn bc like, idk abt anyone else but my high school was a disaster lol like there was at least 20 ppl per square foot at all times xDD I'm just gonna try to pass lol and hopefully by the time I have the option to live on campus when I transfer out next year we'll have something solid. :/ I was kinda excited to have a dorm and decorate it and live around my friends but... 2020 really had to try it so :/ If the pandemic isn't over by the time the MCR tour happens I'm gonna be so mad Dx we've got a whole year tho so... i have hope :')

On a lighter note, it's officially spooktober >:D idc that it's september it's spooky time my guys I'm already excited~! I have the weebiest costume this year (I might share it in a later post idk) so i'm super excited and yes it's a magical girl one lmao im very predictable xDD what can i say lol

also, my friends finally bullied me got me into reading harry potter, so that's cool~ idk how I got this far w/o reading any bc my bff is a huge nerd but at least I'm doing it now 
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I've only read the first book so far but I think I'll stick with it. and if anyone wants to know apparently im a ravenclaw, which was great for my friends bc they didn't have one yet xD and in these trying times reading more books is prob the best thing I can do. I tend to just stick to books I know, so finally reading something new is always cool :D 

but yea thx 4 reading xP I hope I make more posts like this bc theyre fun, and I hope I can find some more blogs to sub to that also do this :P


08/20/2020 06:34 AM 

doremi-ology :P (bc it wouldn't post as a bulletin)

(idk why but this was not posting properly for me as a bulletin so... here it is lolrip go ahead and steal I hope it posts ok for u :P)

stole this from abby who stole it from vomit boy who stole it from gabe xP put -ology at the end of ur name! ^^

What is your wallpaper on your computer?
go princess precure! ^o^

How many televisions are in your house?

What color cell phone do you have?
black :/ very boring lol

Are you right-handed or left-handed?

Have you ever had anything removed from your body?

What is the last heavy item you lifted?
my friend's stuff when I was helping him move into his dorm

Have you ever been knocked unconscious?
no :O lets keep it that way haha

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
as much as I jokingly complain abt my name irl I prob wouldn't change it? what would I even change it to lol (I would not change it to doremi haha that's too on the nose and weeby. and the main thing I have w/ my name is how ppl mispronounce it, but ppl mispronounce doremi anyway soooo >_> not solving anything xD at least it would be shorter)

What color looks good on you?
pink, but I've been told yellow too (but that's not pink SOOOOO XD)

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?
honestly? maybe

What is in your left pocket?
nothing... I don't have pockets rn D:

Do you have hardwood or carpet in your house?

Could you live with roommates?
in like a house way? maybe. in a college way? no lol I like being alone :P

How many pairs of flip flops do you own?
one but I never wear them :/

Last time you had a run-in with the cops?

Who is number 1 on your top friends?
Liz obvz B^D ayyeeee

Last Friend you talked to?
my friendo kevin :P

Last person who called you?
also kevin, but it was a missed call LMAOO


fall B^D

christmas bc its the ultimate holiday™ and i'm very festive­ abt it xD

Day of the week?
wednesday is cool (and thats when u wear pink :D)

september, bc my bday haha

just existing. I should be asleep rn tho lol

Listening to?
mcr of course~ the sharpest lives >B^D

yt vids as always

First place you went this morning?
kitchen bc I like opening the fridge for no reason

What can you not wait to do?
go see mcr with my bff next year omg!! I hope the pandemic is over by then if not I will have to intervene—

What's the last movie you saw?
don't remember the names, some silly horror movies with my friends :P

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06/19/2020 12:36 PM 

share ur fav band merch! :D
Current mood:  excited

(I would’ve made this a bulletin but I figured it’d get lost after a while :/ )

hey :P  In an effort to help with the inactivity out here i figured i’d try to make a post ppl could really add to/have a lot to say about... Something i’ve noticed is that yeah we’ve got serious inactivity but there’s nothing we can talk about together bc no one really posts anything (even in groups). and I know we're all at least lowkey emo rats so hopefully this can be a fun thing we can all talk about xP

Comment on this post with ur favorite band merch u own! Shirts, cds, posters, anything you want as long as you love it! Add pics too if u can :D (And if u dont have any share what thing you would want to own the most!) I know a lot of ppl here like mcr but i wont limit it to that lol all merch is good

Oh and for everyone who comments i’ll sub to ur blog! So hopefully if we all follow each other we’ll have more activity/build a community ^^ and i do wish more ppl would post on their blogs bc they’re fun to read imo~

so I'll start:

I dont have a lot/anything super special but for me id say its either my mcrx flag or my desert spider shirt! When i first got into mcr i really wanted a danger days shirt and was kinda sad to see that at the time, danger days stuff was the hardest to get a hold of? Or at least not listed as much for resale as revenge or black parade stuff. Im kinda salty tho bc hot topic sells this shirt now so like i did all that work looking for it for nothing (but it doesnt say california 2019 soooooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lol)

And yes I basically lived in this shirt last year lmao how could I not xD

So yeah! I’ll try to reply to everyone if they comment, I love hearing about ppl's cool stuff :P I know that this is just one thing and it might not even go anywhere but it's a starting effort to get ppl to post/interact more. If we want to have old sites like this be fun we gotta keep it alive ourselves :D

06/13/2020 03:18 AM 

Current mood:  bored

My first blog post... what an event xD
I'm glad I found this site tho. I really do miss the customization that the internet used to have, it's p boring out there nowadays. And it seems like there's been a spike in ppl signing up for this site recently so maybe more ppl will be active. idk what i'll use this blog for, maybe i'll just post things I like. probably just like, mcr stuff or pink things xD I rlly hope I can get tickets for whenever the shows'll be postponed to. they're like a million dollars now tho so idk but I can dream :P

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