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May 13th, 2023

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June 10, 2020


02/15/2023 06:58 PM 

I survived MySpace

Picture taken before they went to their current layout. Cringe profile I know, but this was many years ago. 

02/13/2023 05:40 PM 

If you like games

Then please enjoy my awesome gameplay for mostly Japanese & Resident Evil games. Give it a go

06/24/2020 05:29 PM 

My Emo journey

So, I thought it was time for a new blog post.. Since this site seem to have a lot of nostalgic emo / scene people that inspire me to keep parts of this amazing fashion style even to this day..

The beginning.
When I was 12 my new school had a few kids older than me who had adapted the alternative style, some were emos.. and some were punk kids who hated emo kids. Me who were very attention seeking at the time (and also very flamboyant) got very interested in this new subculture that was starting to be popular. You saw more and more of these emo kids in 2006. And in early 2007 I finally dyed my hair black and grew it out.


Emo style losing popularity
I considered myself being an emo kid for the entire 2007 all the way to 2009. I met a lot of emo friends, but I could see a clear shift in styles.. Emo wasn't fresh anymore in 09, people were moving on to an 'emo/skater' style here in Sweden, and also.. the 'scene' trend was getting HUGE ! in a way.. the emo style was for the 'nerds' while scene were for the 'cool kids' 

In all honesty.. I couldn't stand the scene teens.. They were loud, attention seeking.. But it didn't take long until I realized it was totally something I wanted to get into.. All it took was for me to find Blood on the Dancefloor and Brokencyde on myspace.. I was hooked to this pop rap screamo mix.. I still love this music and highly disagree when people claim it's 'sh*t'
I had a lot of fun with experimenting with the 'scene' style. I tried spiking my hair, changing directions of my bangs.. Trying different clothing styles from casual to extreme. Just being super creative.. even more so than I could ever be as a hardcore emo boy..

The scene trend was very popular in all of 09 and also in 2010. I was very active on the internet under my 'scene' name Martin Milk.. yea lol. On the swedish version of 'myspace' I was very big and well known. I had a lot of followers, an active blog. . It was however hard to keep up, ofcourse a lot of people couldn't stand me.. and posted a lot of sh*t about me on the web which scared me.

The Scene was dying
In 2011 the scene trend was quickly dying off. It was like somebody switched it off in an instant. The style was no longer exciting, people were instead more interested in not labeling themselfes into any style. Being a 'scene king' was not trendy anymore, if anything it was seen as being 'uncool' just like it felt like being an emo kid in 2009.. The subculture 'hipster' was the new emo.. And as I did first with the 'scene' style I hated it..

This style to me was the most boring, not daring at all style. No wacky hairstyles, just very casual and brown.. Since I had my online persona and my blog I cared a lot about I felt like I had to jump into this style even though I wasn't a fan of it at all!

In 2012 I felt like I was done being an internet personality.. I got my boyfriend (current boyfriend) in 1st of April 2012.. And I didn't feel I had fun, or needed being online updating my blog.. following trends anymore. For the longest time I just stopped being in any alternative style.. I was just casual and 'normal' which was BO-RING looking back.. even more so than being 'hipster'

These days i'd say I am 'casual' scene. I am alternative but not crazy hair.

What's your story with these subculture fashion styles?

06/12/2020 03:45 PM 

Here we go again...

So, back on FP with a new account since they delete inactive ones..
this website needs a forum

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