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February 20th, 2024

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January 01, 2020



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08/29/2022 11:10 PM 

skool plan update

so I've successfully gotten into college >_> instead of taking the bus I'll be taking the rail (train) bc it gets me to da school faster n its also cleaner i think
I got a new phone and a laptop gr8 and even a haircut
all that's left now is to find an apartment but well, that's still very difficult to get ._. bc as everyone already knows finding a place in da city is super expensive 
maybe there will be a good time to open commissions (even tho im unpopular online lol) or maybe even audition 2 be a vtuber (u get mad cash if u get with the big companies >:D ) but im still very introverted .◠. 
oh well..................... wats most important is if i make it thru this semester, right ??........ right?............................................

08/18/2022 08:30 PM 

new skool plan (long)
Current mood:  anxious

im going to list the things that i need from most important to da least so liek I'm hoping to get/do the most important things first before the da one below it
1) get a new phone
unfortunately i need to have a smart phone or touch screen or watever u call it in order to use my "students ride for free" pass in da metro bus. getting a new phone shouldnt be too big of a deal, it's just the fact dat I won't be using my flip phone. at da time im writing this, idek what im supposed to do with my flip phone when i get a new one; perhaps i could use it as a backup if its still active when i have my new phone ? or will i have to disable it and put it with my other backup phones (my previous phone was something along the lines of a "galaxy" i think, but we replaced it with my flip phone bc it started doing old phone things (liek getting hotter faster, running out of juice faster, getting slower, etc)). But if dis is to get a free pass then i gotta do et T_T
2) get a laptop
or something similar to the sort, like one of those weird tablets that u can attach and detach a keyboard to (unless thats just an advanced laptop idk im boomer). the most important feature the laptop should have is not whether or not itll fit in my backpack, but if i can connect a mouse to it. we can all agree dat using the tiny touchpad on most laptops is infuriating, awkward and embarrassing, so mine better allow mice
3) get a haircut
tbh my hair isnt that long at all but rn its annoying me bc my bangs keep getting in my eyes and the sides bother my ears. i dont wanna deal w clipping my hair up every time i have to look down so itll be best to just snip it all off (RIP dream emo hair)
4) find an apartment
why is this the 4th most important thing on the list, you may ask. tbh it wouldve been the 2nd, but it's down here bc it's the most difficult to currently achieve, esp since i barely have any money and i dont know any1 i can stay with atm. the ideal place to live would be near da school, but apartments in da city are super expensive. plan b is to find an apartment near where da metro buses are, two places i know of have food and grocery stores surrounding the stops, and idk ab the 3rd one bc i havent actually seen it yet lawl
yea so i think that's everything  ngl i wrote all dis down here jus so i dont forget also maybe i can show my parents (theyll never b able to transcribe wat any of dis says xD) but also if any of u go to highland acc this fall LMK bc if u cant lend me a place 2 stay then at least either show me around da place if ur familiar with it or introduce me to some buddies bc i have 0 frens 

08/18/2022 05:02 AM 

randomly played games
Current mood:  cookywacky

idk how to title dis but does anyone else ever play a game like only a few times a year or sumn?
for example sometimes I play webkinz everyday for a week or two straight and then i dont touch it for months >_> same with runescape and transformice  i'm on a gaming streak n den just suddenly drop it 9:
is this just me? xD

06/16/2022 03:13 PM 

so uh plan??
Current mood:  groggy

since im going 2 school in the fall in austin I had the plan to take the metro bus/rapid, right? bc apartments are wayyy too expensive in the city
the "plan" or just idea I had was to move to an apartment near where the first bus/rapid is so I dont have to get driven to the stop every day and I could just walk or sk8
I also guess I'll finally need a laptop bc I dont wanna move my entire computer into this temporary place 
tbh I feel kinda lazy ab all this but I gotta be somewhat positive like hey at least I'm "moving" out of this awful house and I get to go to this cool school.... I suppose 
We'll see .-.

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12/27/2021 02:03 AM 

i h8 adulting -_-
Current mood:  sore

Just as the title says ! It's sooo boring 
I got a job @ an amazon warehouse but only as a winter job bc I'm supposed to start college in January ??? I say "supposed to" bc I still haven't signed up or whatever the heck I'm supposed to do :/ also apparently the first few months will be online UGHH I h8 online classes sm 
>_> so yeah um 
wish me luck on LIFE 


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