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April 24th, 2020

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November 03, 2019


04/19/2020 07:43 PM 

A little emo music quiz I made when I was bored...
Current mood:  chill, I decided to do a small [lazy] emo song quiz thingy since I was bored and I love making/doing quizzes. Basically just add +10 points for each song and see what score you get at the end - be sure to comment your score at the end... enjoy guys ♥ 

Demolition Lovers - My Chemical Romance
A Decade Under The Influence - Taking Back Sunday
Ride The Wings Of Pestilence - From First To Last
Screenwriting An Apology - Hawthorne Heights
All These Things I Hate - Bullet For My Valentine
My Heroine - Silverstein
Dead On Arrival - Fall Out Boy
Ashes Of My Former Self - Death In December
Call Me Hopeless, But Not Romantic - Mayday Parade
Awkward Last Words - Armor For Sleep
Let It Bleed - The Used
Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche - Escape The Fate
Kiss Me, Kill Me - Mest
Walking Disaster - Sum 41
Jesus Of Suburbia - Green Day
The Calendar Hung Itself - Bright Eyes
Letters To You - Finch
Anthem Of Our Dying Day - Story Of The Year
I Can't Escape - A Vain Attempt
Buried A Lie - Senses Fail
A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black And White - Underoath
Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional
The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows - Brand New
Why 6 Is Afraid Of 7 - Before Their Eyes
Skyway Avenue - We The Kings
Girl's Not Grey - AFI
Beware The Jubjub Bird And Shun The Frumious Bandersnatch - Forgive Durden
Your Guardian Angel - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Seduction - Alesana
Twenty Below - Hidden In Plain View

0-10: You're either new to the music scene or not into emo/pop punk music and probably stumbled across this post on accident

11-20: You probably listen to emo/pop punk quite a bit

21-30: You're most likely an experienced emo/former emo

03/31/2020 05:29 PM 

heyooo :]
Current mood:  blessed

Woah - I haven't beenon here for ages! Need to start using it again! :D

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