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Last Login:
July 21st, 2021

Gender: Other

Age: 115
Country: United States

Signup Date:
October 26, 2019


07/21/2021 05:24 PM 


Muscular people with long hair ♥

03/26/2021 08:46 AM 


I remember when I used 2 type like thiz. There isn't anything wrong with typing like that but, looking back on that point in my life, it was embarrassing. I'm glad I changed for the better for once. 

10/18/2020 06:32 PM 



If there was one thing that I could do right now is cut myself, deep. I haven't done it as much due to being busy with school a lot of the time therefore, my tolorance to pain withering away, for some reason when I cut, it either hurts or it doesn't provide me the high I want. The more I cut, the higher my pain tolorance becomes and the more I do it. I enjoy cutting myself but, for whatever reason, I'm too f***ing sad to even lift a finger. I want all this sh*t to go away, I want to end it all but, that would cause my family pain, greif and possibly guilt. Another thing that is somewhat related to this, I need sharper blades, the ones I use are dull, it's nearly inpossible for me to find anything else. I can't just walk to f***ing Walmart and get what I need, am I just going to have to steal sh*t? Probably.

10/02/2020 04:48 PM 

It'z been a while

For the first time in a LONG time, I'm not stressed ,nor depressed at the same time. I finally feel nothing  I still have a headache though 

09/27/2020 10:56 PM 

Current mood:  blah

DAWG I WANT A FLIP PHONE SO BAD. Surprisingly, they still exist, in Japan. The onez that look rlly cool are old as sh*t :/ but, there's a few websites that I know of (including ebay) that still carry them. [[If you're looking on any website, please go in the product description to see if it'z up 2 date.]]

09/12/2020 02:42 AM 

Current mood:  confused

Have you ever just felt sad and happy all at once along with other emotions that nobody has a name for? For me, being sad and happy at the same time isn't really a good combonation of emotions for me. You see, I don't really ever feel happy, maybe for like at the longest 5 days but overall, I'm not really that much of a happy person most of the time so, when ever I feel happy I'm just like "What the f***?" Along with being happy and depressed at the same time, I now have confusion added to the mix.

10/26/2019 11:24 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

Hey, I'm here to make friends or just experience the myspace era idk. I'm still learning how to use this website ^_^;

01/01/2004 09:43 PM 

IT'Z 2004 now hahahah
Current mood:  accomplished

SUP BITCHEZZZ, BACK 2 '04 WE GO. Get in bitch, we're going back in time >:)

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